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October 19, 2019

(Global Intel Hub) Somewhere, USA — 10/18/2019 — There is no surprise that the Democratic party, the same party funded by Pedophile Kingpin “Pedostein” Jeffrey Epstein, is again involved in a murderous meth fueled tryst by one of their leaders.  What’s disturbing though, isn’t Schiff’s homosexual activities, nor his taste for Chocolate – America is a free country and that’s why we have 50+ flavors of ice cream.  What’s disturbing is that he’s living 2 lives; by day a ‘Congressman’ and a ‘family man’ and by night, drug induced party time in West Hollywood.  Officially, Schiff is under investigation, see the summary from

Embattled Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff is now the target of a federal investigation focused on the Congressman’s more-than-frequent trips to Ed Buck’s ‘drug house,’according to a Clinton Whistleblower and insider.  Buck is a high-profile, millionaire Democratic benefactor who has contributed and bundled large amounts of cash to Democrats including Schiff, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Kamala Harris and the list goes on and on. Buck was arrested last month after a nearly-dead man escaped from Buck’s home after Buck allegedly plied him with meth.  Larry Nichols is the consummate DC insider and operator. In fact, Bill Clinton in his biography described Nichols as a dangerous man. Clinton would know because Nichols spearheaded many of Clinton’s political black-bag Ops in Arkansas and Washington D.C for the Clinton cartel and beyond before he turned whistleblower.  Nichols revealed on his weekly news show on CrowdSource the Truth that federal agents have traced Congressman Schiff at Buck’s drug mansion over a dozen times. And now they want to know what Schiff was doing there.  “(Attorney General William) Barr is looking into why Adam Schiff was at Buck’s place 16 times,” said insider Larry Nichols. “The reason Barr is obligated to look into Adam Schiff, and the fact that he was there 16 times, is because as a member of Congress if he saw at his time at Buck’s any illegal activity, he is obligated by law to report it.“And if he didn’t report it, then he is guilty of a crime.”  Two men previously died at Buck’s mansion from drug overdoses but Buck was never charged by Los Angeles Police. Finally, Buck was charged in Sept. with running a drug house and doping up victims and then allegedly acting out his twisted sexual fantasies on the incapacitated victims, according to prosecutors.  Buck targeted homeless men, according to prosecutors.

Just like with the Pedostein case, this is about human trafficking, and who knows what else.  Trump has said often “These people are sick” and we are starting to get a sense of how deep and murky the swamp really is.  All we know is what evidence the police found and reported.  But as stated above, if the police found evidence of drug use and made arrests, how was Schiff not able to see any of this at his 16 visits?  Perhaps he’s not a very good detective, he thought all these homeless guys lying around with needles and crack pipes were in fact diabetics ‘vaping’ with some trendy new JUUL tool that looks like a crack pipe.  OK, we can give him that.  If you don’t know it, maybe you don’t know what it looks like?  But if he’s that oblivious to facts, is he then disqualified to be the sole witness, and lead plaintiff, and judge, and jury – in the “Impeachment” trial?  One would think, that in the least, his being under investigation for a mysterious murder of Ed Buck (who would have been the most credible witness to what was really going on in West Hollywood at night) would at least be a conflict of interest.

There’s even an article in the failing New York Times about this, although they obviously limit the amount of casual connections made between Schiff and Buck.  It’s clear why Schiff is leading the Impeachment coup publicly, because the Democrat strategy since Trump has been elected has been the old “Accuse your opponent of what you are guilty of, and the public will be confused” – this strategy works on brainless idiots and there are many in America.  But there are also a lot of smart people, for example Zero Hedgereaders – who know the world isn’t as seen on TV.  We want to reference another 2 sites of interest – Rense.comwith a fascinating columnist Yoichi Shimatsu we have referenced here at the end, and InfoWars.comnow operating Jones has matured a lot in the last 2 years!)  Going back to the story, let’s skip the fact that Schiff was very close with Buck and not only visited this drug den 17 times, they were constantly together at rallies, parties, social events, political fundraisers, and other events.  See a photograph as example:

Ed Buck has been proven to be a bad guy.  That doesn’t make Schiff a criminal by association.  But let’s compare this to the sick and twisted scene of Pedostein, who started the Clinton Global Initiative and Clinton Foundation.

As asked by the LA Times, if they all knew he was a pedo psycho, why did Democrats continue to take his money?  If we use Occam’s Razor, the most simple scenario is the correct one: they were close friends.  And why does one make friends with Person A instead of Person B?  The answer would be common grounds, common hobbies, or a shared predilection for big helpings of Chocolate ice cream.  Bingo!

According to Wikipedia:After moving to West Hollywood, California, Buck ran unsuccessfully for city council in 2007.[2] He formerly served on the steering committee of the Stonewall Democratic Club.[2][10][11] He has donated “nearly $30,000” to Democratic candidates like Hillary ClintonTed LieuPete AguilarAdam B. Schiff, and Raja Krishnamoorthi as well as the Getting Things Done PAC.[2][12]

In civil lawsuits, Buck has been named as a human trafficker, rapist, and performing strange and nearly ‘ritualistic’ acts on homeless men in Los Angeles (mostly black).  Does this sound familiar?  Spirit cooking anyone?  But was Buck really so bad? According to GayCityNews, this is what the police concluded: 

An influential-turned-disgraced gay Democratic donor who has been linked to multiple overdose-related deaths of vulnerable black gay men in his Los Angeles home was arrested on September 17 after yet another man overdosed in his home last week, prosecutors in Los Angeles announced.  The LA County District Attorney’ s Office said 65-year-old Ed Buck, who has steered many thousands of dollars into the war chests of Democratic candidates over the years, was charged with felony counts of battery causing serious injury, administering meth, and maintaining a drug house after he allegedly injected a man with meth in his West Hollywood apartment on September 11.

Make no mistake Schiff is not a mastermind or an Illuminati leader.  He’s a puppet and like all puppets he has a weak spot they can press on.  How Pedostein’s blackmail worked was obvious, as is the gay drug den.  Who knows how many queer politicians had a romp there while at an LA Democrat convention.

To Trump’s credit, he hasn’t mentioned any of this when he’s been squaring off with Schiff – an honorable tactic but also it’s a smarter plan actually.  He’s allowing the swamp to sink in its own filth.  Look what happened with CNN – Trump certainly didn’t plan on Project Veritas and the #ExposeCNN event.  But now he has evidence for a clear lawsuit against CNN.  Perhaps this is what he’s waiting for with Schiff.

It seems like wherever you look into something with this guy, someone is injured, dead, bleeding, or arrested.  Even on the comedy show with Steven Colbert, a prank bottle smashing turned bloody, with Colbert being rushed to the nurse:

But there was nothing showbiz about what happened next: The bottle had a sharp edge, and Colbert, slightly wounded, was hurried off to the nurse.  Now it’s at this point in the story that an ominous shadow falls over the congressman’s face.  “A lot of others have been interviewed on the show, but only one member has actually made him [Colbert] bleed,” Schiff says, his voice ringing with a steely “Dirty Harry” note of pride in the pay back. Colbert’s injury proved to be superficial.

Then there’s this anti-Schiff article, written by an author that recently died:

The House Intelligence Committee’s reenactment of the McCarthy hearings dramatized Marx’s famous aphorism that history repeats itself, “the first time as tragedy, the second as farce.” The only thing this circus was lacking was ringmaster Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California”) rising to declares that “I have in my hands a list!”  War was on the minds and lips of the Democrats. Rep. Denny Heck (D-Washington) compared Hillary Clinton’s loss to the 9/11 attacks, because the killing of over 2,000 people on American soil is just like the publication of emails that exposed the corruption at the heart of Democratic party politics. Oh, and “the attack didn’t end on Election Day” – because isn’t that a Russian hiding under your bed?  If political humor, albeit unintentional, is your shtick, there was plenty of that: my own favorite was Rep. Jackie Speier – from where else but California? – likening Vladimir Putin to a tarantula spider who has “ensnared in his web” a whole list of Trump supporters, including Wilbur Ross, the Commerce Secretary, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Echoing a common phrase at the hearing, she declared that alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election was “an act of war,” although she gave no hint as to when the shooting will start.

RIP Justin Raimondo, founder of – who had stage 4 lung cancer, and was not murdered.  Moving on to other strange coincidences surrounding this creep.

Of course, going with the Democrat ‘accuse your enemies of what you are guilty of’ strategy, as it turns out Schiff has his own Ukraine military contract that he’s been working on for awhile now, with fellow brother of the tribe Igor Pasternak.  According to Fox News:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who has played a leading role in investigating the Trump-Ukraine scandal, is facing questions about his own connection to a Soviet-born businessman who has raised money for his campaign and whose company has received lucrative defense contracts from Ukraine’s government.  That man is Igor Pasternak, the founder and CEO of Worldwide Aeros Corp., which makes blimps for military and commercial customers. His business has also been involved in weapons manufacturing, working with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense to produce a modified version of the M4 and M16 rifles, according to reports.

But even as you google “Adam Schiff Igor Pasternak” you’re going to get fake news sites like and other nonsense.  Only Zero Hedge has re-reported this important story, for a full read click here; in summary:

Although the widely-cited 2013 fundraiser was in Washington, D.C., Igor Pasternak’s company headquarters is in Montebello, California, on the east side of Los Angeles.  It’s near Schiff’s CA-28 congressional district, which lies to the north of it and encompasses major suburbs like Burbank and a chunk of Glendale.  Pasternak started the company in Ukraine in 1992, but immigrated to the U.S. in 1994 and established his California-based company, Aeros/Worldwide Aeros Corporation, shortly thereafter.  Aeros makes lighter-than-air (LTA) airships via its Aeroscraft arm.  That is its signature niche in the general aviation industry as well as its entrée to defense contracting.  Aeros has had contracts with the U.S. Defense Department to develop surveillance airships and cargo-delivery airships.  Pasternak, an engineer by training, has had a lifelong interest in what can be done with LTA vehicles.  The story about him as it stands right now is that he did little, if anything, in Ukraine in the 20 years between 1994 and 2014 (links below).  Then, when the Maidan Revolution erupted in Ukraine in late 2013 and early 2014, he went back to Ukraine and started cultivating ties with the defense industry there.  At that point, as is obvious from the document announcing the 2013 fundraiser, Pasternak was already giving aid and comfort to Adam Schiff.  In the Ukrainian political sorting after the invasion and partitioning of Crimea, one of the major developments in Kyiv has been reorganizing the government-directed defense industry conglomerate, known by its acronym Ukroboronprom.  Ukroboronprom coordinates the arms industry in Ukraine, in the same manner as similar entities in Russia, China, and a number of other countries.  Its centralized nature and arms portfolio mean it is always rife with corruption, but at the moment, the point is simply to introduce it to the reader.  In the course of establishing project-worthy contacts in Ukraine, Pasternak’s Aeroscraft had a couple of scores that, from the Aeros perspective, were big ones.  One is a joint project with an Ukroboronprom subsidiary industry group, Ukroboronservis, to produce a Ukrainian version of the M4 used by the U.S. armed forces (here and here).  That project is eye-catching because it involves producing rifles – not something Aeros has had a background in.

Frankly, this is the type of reporting that should be done by CNN and the traditional ‘mainstream’ media.  #ExposeCNN and the Project Veritas videos were in many respects a dissapointment; we all knew CNN was a biased creator of left wing conspiracies and propaganda.  What it will do however is serve as a single ‘proof’ that Trump’s tweets are not ‘conspiracy theories’ anymore than the fake impeachment is a conspiracy theory.  Actually it’s the Democrats who are the authors of ‘conspiracy theories’ such as Osama Bin Laden is responsible for 911, The Fake Trump Impeachment scandal, and a host of others.  Anyway, it’s honorable that Project Veritas does this guerilla reporting but it’s shameful that’s what we’ve come to in USA.  As we teach, this is the kind of media control exists in countries like Russia, China, and others – where anti-government provocateurs must resort to such ridiculous maneuvers such as hidden cameras.  (For an example of a similar political activist in Russia that’s exposing the corruption of the government there in a fair and honest way, see navalny.comtranslate to English.)

Let’s revisit the question of the connection between Schiff and Buck.  17 visits to an illegal drug den where several young men died, seems in the least unusual.  If Buck was simply a donor, why not just collect checks like they do from all the other donors, why the personal visits?  American Thinker is thinking the same thing – perhaps Schiff should vet his own donors who have more serious offenses before accusing Trump of anything:

Now there’s Ed Buck, reportedly a pervert with a “thing” for getting young black male prostitutes high through date-rape drugs and involuntary meth injections, with a second dead body turning up in one of his apartments yesterday.  The first death a year and a half ago resulted in the cops letting it be called an “accidental” overdose, as gay and lesbian activists argued something worse seemed to be happening.  There certainly were cries that Buck was let off easy because of his $53,000 in political donations to Democrats….  Since Schiff is so loud about wanting to “Get Trump,” maybe it’s time for him to start answering some questions about this most important of his campaign donors and why he has allowed himself to go into political debt to such a person.

Now that we’ve examined the facts, let’s take a look at one last anomaly and chatter on the dark web.  A helicopter crashed with owners of the Standard Hotel where apparently tons of bad things happened, so the witnesses were killed ‘in an accident’ (these guys know you have to make it look like an accident!) 

Schiffs district and dark web says the Standard hotels owners were on the copter. Dark web said the helicopter people had dirt on schiff in secret meetings in the hotel.  -Qanon

Here are a list of references to the strange things that go on in the standard hotel, including a stint by none other than Harvey Weinstein THIS LINK HAS MANY REFERENCES AND IS A GOOD RESOURCE .

But we are not the first to out Schiff as a Pedo-dupe.  Jerome Corsi did it first:

Jerome Corsi, a right-wing journalist for the conspiracy theory website Infowars, returned to the “Lionel Nation” program todayto discuss his latest effort to “decode” the cryptic postings of an anonymous internet user known only as “Q,” which he claimed reveal that Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff may be being blackmailed over alleged involvement in pedophilia.  Corsi has recently dedicated himself full-time to covering the cryptic postings of an anonymous 8Chan forum board poster known as “Q,” whom some right-wing activists believe to be a high-ranking official within the Trump administration—or possibly even President Trump himself. Q’s posts are at the center of a fringe right-wing conspiracy theory known as “The Storm,” which alleges that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is really a cover for President Trump’s efforts to take down thousands of corrupt political, business and entertainment leaders who are part of a massive satanic pedophile ring.  Relying on recent posts from Q, Corsi attempted to tie Schiff, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee and leading critic of a recently released memo regarding surveillance of a Trump campaign adviser, to the sprawling conspiracy theory. Corsi alleged that Schiff had ties to three people who died in a recent helicopter crash, all of whom were “associated with the Standard Hotel, a trendy, gay-friendly hotel located in Schiff’s district in West Hollywood, California.” Offering absolutely no evidence to substantiate anything he said, Corsi reported that “a pedophilia ring” was being run out of this hotel and now “you’ve got Schiff being involved, perhaps, with blackmail, there is possibly pedophilia, all of which has been suggested by QAnon as the subject of research.”

Now here is where things get interesting.  So we know that the deep-state is tied to the Occult.  If Schiff does have something dirty to hide in his hometown district, or a secret predilection of Chocolate, this would be a legitimate reason to use him as a pawn.  He’s likely being blackmailed (Not to be confused with BlackMaled) which explains his brash and irrational behavior.  Probably he’s been tasked to ‘get it done, Impeach him – whatever the cost’ or we’re going to let loose all the facts of your dirty secrets.

There is no question that Schiff is Deep-State Owned, as posed in one conservative forum.

Pedo ring human trafficking at hotel, Adam shiftys district, he knew, he’s trying to cut a deal cause he knows he’s grass.


The intel just dropped is bigger than you can imagine.


Is there a connection here with Democrat Megadonors and weird Occult practices?  According to Washington Examiner (which has advertising for the candidates that Buck gave money to) : 

A criminal complaint by federal investigators against Edward Buck outlines claims of a history of predatory behavior against gay men by the LGBT activist and Democratic megadonor, resulting in rape, drug overdoses, and even deaths.

Edward Buck.

(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

Although Buck is currently only being charged with distribution of methamphetamine resulting in death, the 20-page filing by authorities describes numerous instances of vulnerable gay men, many black, who found themselves drugged against their will and sodomized. Most of the nine men who spoke to investigators say they were initially lured to Buck’s residence on promises of money and free drugs.