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US Corp, along with Its two primary smuggling agencies, the CIA, and DEA, are responsible for bringing most of the Cocaine and Heroin into this country, and it has been so since the Vietnam War, but probably way before that as well. If it weren't for Drug profits , US Corp would not be able to sustain Its infinitely vast Black Budget Projects, Money Laundering , and Security Fraud Schemes , and would probably have to shut down most of its 17 corporate policy intel enforcement agencies, which would actually be a blessing to this country, and the world in general.


You have been led to believe that IncomeTaxes are used to service US Corp's phony interest payments to International Jew Bankers,  which can never be fully paid back, ever." But the truth is, US Corp's reason for running the Income Tax Fraud Scheme is, and always has been, for the purpose of removing enough currency from schmuckville, so that the true value of the currency itself -- which isn't worth anymore than the paper and ink -- does not become openly evident by having too many dollars chasing two few goods and services, and it really is for no other reason.


All of the worlds biggest banks are kept solvent from the profits that US Corp generates through its global drug and human trafficking operations, a constant source of liquidity for not only US Corp, but for the Big Banks as well, Who then hypothecate as collateral for the largest Securities and Investment fraud scheme in history. . . with full public support.




Cocaine production is booming again in Colombia and the resurgent cartels are behind roughly 90 percent of cocaine flooding onto U.S. streets.

Agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration say traffickers are smuggling more cocaine into South Florida than officials have seen since 2007. The coca crop is flourishing in Colombia after a decade of decline. Officials with U.S. Customs and Border Protection said cocaine seizures in Florida totaled 9,500 pounds in 2015, a 61 percent increase over the previous year, reports NBC Miami.

Experts say due to the rapid spike in Colombian cocaine production, the full effects of the boom have yet to hit American shores. Cocaine fatalities are on a steady rise, claiming 1,834 lives in Florida between 2012 and 2015, surpassed only by deaths from fentanyl, an opiate based painkiller 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine.

Coca cultivation is back to dominating the agricultural market in Colombia. Production today even eclipses the cocaine output of Pablo Escobar’s infamous Medellin Cartel. Roughly 460,000 acres of coca is currently planted throughout the country, producing 710 metric tons of cocaine in 2015, up from only 235 metric tons of output in 2013.

“There is a mountain of cocaine, much of it is likely headed our way,” Justin Miller, intelligence chief for the DEA’s Miami field division, told NBC Miami. “But we are already seeing these drug combinations, and cocaine deaths are already going up significantly.”

Gangs, traffickers and farmers are growing so much of the crop, excess coca leaves are being left rotting in fields. Prices are also falling amid the production boom, partially driven by financial incentives from the Colombian government. (RELATED: Cocaine Markets Are So Saturated, Cartels Are Doing The Unthinkable)

The street price of one kilo of pure cocaine is down from as high as $35,000 to $26,000 in South Florida.

The resurgence of cocaine comes amid the opioid epidemic, which claimed more than 33,000 lives in 2015. The rise in opioid related deaths is largely blamed on the emergence of deadly chemicals like fentanyl, which dealers cut into their supplies. Officials in the U.S. are becoming increasingly concerned about fentanyl cropping up in cocaine supplies, which is already being seen in Chicago and New York.

Less than half a teaspoon of pure fentanyl is enough to kill 10 people.

“We’re hearing indications of some cocaine-fentanyl overdose deaths not involving heroin in New York City as well, suggestive of fentanyl directly mixed with cocaine,” Daniel Raymond, policy director for the national Harm Reduction Coalition, told “It’s not clear that any specific demographics are being targeted or even the market rationale.”

Cocaine use increased among young Americans between 2013 and 2015, over the same period cocaine cultivation began increasing again in Colombia. The substance was responsible for 13 percent of fatal drug overdoses in the U.S. in 2015.

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