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Eating heavy metals more dangerous to your health than SMOKING: Watch this urgent presentation (it could save you from EARLY DEATH)

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

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Sept. 15, 2016\(NaturalNews) As expected, my recent announcements about heavy metals in various unscrupulous superfood products has all the "dirty foods" propagandists running around at full steam, screaming to every corner of the internet that all heavy metals found in superfoods (or dietary supplements) are "naturally occurring" and therefore don't count.

I'm going to be blunt about all this. The reason so many of these fringe raw food / detox people seem so crazy is because they're severely intoxicated by heavy metals. I've observed the pattern for years. Isn't it curious that the very same people who claim heavy metals are "safe" are the ones who are selling contaminated products for profit, while downplaying any risks of heavy metals?

"Metals being persistent keep accumulating and magnifying with increase in trophic level of food chain," says the abstract of this science paper entitled "Heavy metals in vegetables: screening health risks involved in cultivation along wastewater drain and irrigating with wastewater." It goes on to explain:

Accumulation of heavy metals [from food] beyond permissible limits affects vital organs like, kidneys, bones, liver and blood and causes serious health hazards. Health effects associated with heavy metals like, cadmium, copper, lead and chromium include gastrointestinal effects, renal impairment, neurological disorders, cardiovascular troubles, bone problems, convulsions, paralysis etc. Metals, because of their solubility in water, are toxic and the toxicity can be acute or chronic dependent upon exposure-time (Dorne et al. 2011; Jarup 2003). Toxicological studies have found heavy metals to be carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic and neurotoxic (European Union 2002).