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Health Drugs

PSYCH DRUG SHOOTERS: Florida school shooter “was on medication,” reports Miami Herald, just like nearly all other mass shooters

Mothers share their devastating stories of how this epilepsy drug “poisoned” their children

Marijuana laws in New Jersey are loosening restrictions in the wake of a young boy’s tragic death to rare cancer

Heroin Addiction in America Spearheaded by the US-led War on Afghanistan [with Comment by PHB]

San Francisco plans to wipe out thousands of pot convictions

Exposing the junk science behind the mental health racket: A look at the hoax behind the toxic medicines used to treat “mental disorders”

STUDY: Over 30% of All “FDA-Approved” Drugs Have Grave and Deadly Side Effects

ADHD drug use has skyrocketed 345% among young women in 12 years according to the CDC, increasing birth defects

Jeff Sessions re-criminalizes cannabis nationwide… the full TYRANNY of Washington D.C. lunatics is now on display

Opioids and the Crisis of the White Working Class

Feds told to spill details on Obama's favor to terrorists

Murder Of Chicago Cop Threatens To Engulf Entire World In Flames

Veterans routinely given psychiatric drugs even without diagnosis [Updated) of mental disorder

FDA Just Approved ‘Smart Pill’ Antidepressant So Gov’t Can Track You As They Force Medicate Yo

With Recalls at an All-Time High, Meet Big Pharma's Newest Scam (Updated Dec. 2,20170

WE CAUGHT HIM! Look Who’s Been Indicted For Causing National Epidemic — Thousands Are Dead

NEW REPORT CLAIMS THAT OPOIDS killed more Americans last year than the entire Vietnam War… worst is yet to come

Childhood obesity skyrocketing across America, and Big Pharma can’t wait for future wave of patients needing drugs for everything

Every mass shooting over last 20 years has one thing in common (and it isn’t guns)

Antidepressants found to be “death pills” that dramatically raise the risk of early death