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Report from “Wuhan America”

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Report from “Wuhan America”

March 30th 2020

We are now around two weeks into the greatest social experiment ever attempted on society. The last few days have been sunny, but unseasonably cool with intermittent rain showers. All signs of normal life have ground to a halt. With nothing else to do, people are turning out on the streets and strangers are beginning to talk to each other. Very few masks are seen – very few. On rare occasion, I see people in cars wearing them, but not on the street. All sorts of people walking dogs. Dogs getting tired. Negress, walking small dog, waves to me with sunny greeting and makes joke, laughing about the “lock down.”  Parents are taking their kids for walks around the park and letting them play on the sidewalk just outside the park. White, male parent showing signs of grim displeasure. White, female parent more upbeat and clearly not swallowing government bullshit about infection. Three white kids climbed over the park fence yesterday and began playing soccer on the field. No sign of authorities coming to enforce park closure rules.


            Masters Voice

Parks and public areas closed everywhere. Barricades have been erected across park entries, as government drones follow the sound of their master’s voice. Swings have been removed from the parks and toilets are locked. Elderly white man tells me local, gated radio control flying field on public land has been closed. Grocery stores, while still functioning normally, have erected absurd plastic barriers. It seems as though there is an odd backlash from the attempt to isolate us. People are beginning to talk to each other. Strangers that I would normally not talk to stop to listen to what I say. Some show no reaction, but still listen. Many are already aware, or becoming aware, of this scam played out at their expense. Oddly, although vehicle traffic around the region has drawn to a standstill, parking enforcement is still running around issuing parking ticket. This is rather funny, because where I used to see ten to fifteen parking tickets on windshields, now it is rare to see even one. If the “lock down” continues, at some point parking enforcement is going to cost more than the return on investment.

Walked over to a group in front of the church and informed six people with children of Trump’s executive order. Apparently, the EO is going unnoticed, because Dan Dickbreath has made no mention of it on his nightly news report. Regional military installations are down to skeleton crews (no pun intended) and even those signs of activity are now dwindling. It’s like everyone is holding their breath as they wait to see what new horror awaits them. I am expecting future elections may be cancelled. Weather remains unseasonably cold and rainy here in the sound. I have yet to see it go above sixty degrees for any appreciable time this month, very strange, considering the previous “global warming” scare – remember that terrifying “reality?”

As one enlightened climate change individual wrote, “you need to understand the difference between climate and temperature.” Huh? And here I thought they were related. As a commercial pilot, my life depended on understanding large scale weather patterns. There was quite a bit of meteorological training that accompanied my instrument flight training. I always thought I had a pretty good grasp on weather patterns, but now I find Jews have inoculated people with some new minute distinction that allows people “in the know” to tell others how they just don’t understand the real story behind the “global warming” nonsense. (now “climate change”) Yet it’s really a simple equation - government sources = government lies.    

With nothing to do and no human interaction, the isolation is obviously beginning to wear heavily on people. People normally spend the day interacting with others, even if it is only talking briefly with a store clerk or going to a doctor’s appointment, daily activity involved human interaction. Deprived of daily interaction with society at large, people are turning to strangers on the street out of desperation for human contract. No doubt, Jew data miners are carefully measuring our reaction to this manufactured “crises.” I think back to the biosphere project, where after only a few months, the project had to be shut down because the participants could not stand being in close proximity to each other, despite the fact participants were not isolated or banned from talking to each other. This is the most bizarre attempt at social control Jews have ever made on a large scale. In effect, they are trying to impose solitary confinement on the public while the prison door remains ajar. There is no doubt, this is serving as a test to measure the lager reaction to what has been proven on smaller scale.

With no external markers from the outside world, my sense of time has become altered. It is as though time is frozen. This comes as a surprise, as I have not changed my routine one whit since the “lockdown” began. I never realized just how much the world outside my front door affected my perception of time. I said to a passing jogger that jumped off the sidewalk as I passed by, “don’t worry, I’m not infected. She yelled, from well beyond the officially a safe, six-foot distance, “how do I know that?” I replied, “Because I have been in isolation since I retired years ago. I seldom come out of my house except to walk around the park.” She runs on.

Each new day brings a new terror, a new fear. Each new day reveals the freedoms people no longer have and never really did. Each new day provides conclusive proof that our only remaining freedom is to do exactly as we are told by the totalitarian, Judeocommunist regime running our lives. As the smirikn’ Chimp-in-Chief once crowed – mission accomplished!