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Rep. Mark Meadows Resigns from Congress

North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows (R) resigned from Congress Monday night.


Members of Congress often resign to become lobbyists or to avoid publicly embarrassing situations, but that’s not the case here.


Meadows is expected to begin one of the most powerful jobs in Washington Tuesday morning: White House Chief of Staff.


In his resignation letter, Meadows wrote, “Serving the people of North Carolina’s eleventh congressional district for these last seven years has been the honor of my life.”


Meadows will replace his former congressional colleague Mick Mulvaney in the Chief of Staff role. Mulvaney, who was serving as acting Chief of Staff, will become U.S. special envoy to Northern Ireland.


The former North Carolina Congressman joins the White House at an important time and will have to help President Trump and Vice President Pence coordinate the country’s response to COVID-19.


Luckily, Meadows has never been one to back down. As the former chair of the House Freedom Caucus, he never shied away from a fight. The caucus is notorious for taking on the political establishment within the lower chamber and was crucial in taking the gavel from former Speaker John Boehner, in which Meadows played a starring role.


Prior to joining Congress, Meadows was an entrepreneur. He owned a small restaurant in North Carolina before selling it to become a real estate developer. This eventually led to his civic engagement as a local GOP chairman and a member of the North Carolina Board of Economic Development.