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Army Intelligence Officer Reveals Where the Cabal Bioengineered the current lethal Swine Flu Virus

Dr. Rich Boylan

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From: SD
To: *Patrick Bellringer
Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2009 3:14 PM
Subject: FW: [DrRichBoylanReports] Army Intelligence Officer Reveals Where the Cabal Bioengineered the current lethal Swine Flu Virus
    My friend, an Army Intelligence officer whom I will call "X", reveals where the Cabal bioengineered the current deadly Swine Flu Virus that threatens to become a pandemic. The location, he says, was:
    "Fort Detrick, Maryland…infectious disease laboratory in Frederick, MD. ‘They’ [the Cabal] ALSO isolated/copied/stored the 1918 Influenza Virus from a Soldier’s body which had been buried in the perma frost.

    "We are faced with the two edged sword again. This time, using genetic technology the wrong way, will be final. What’s the great fearful and more than by the scientific community...agent(s)? The prize goes to those guessing biological/genetic/recombinant DNA weapons.

    "Genetically engineered viruses are the ‘Doomsday’ scenario. Why? Because, they are entirely new and virulent diseases. We’ve never seen them before, never been exposed to them before, never had any immunity built up to them, there are no vaccines available against them, or ever can be for the world’s general public. What’s worse is that engineers can take the most deadly viruses known (like bubonic plague, anthrax, and any others they have in their bags) and alter them genetically to become whole new and unknown diseases, with altogether more potent and unknown properties...and mix them into cocktail containing many types of different modified disease organisms...a multiple warhead type of non-defensible weapon. When unleashed into the atmosphere they would be quickly spread ‘around the world’. Only those few possessing vaccines against the new strains and the whole multiple cocktails and mixtures (if such vaccines could even be produced against them) would have any hope of wide.

      "But, much to their chagrin, even these select few could face eventual and unexpected death. The new viruses, separately or in their cocktails, could go on to mutate over a period of time...becoming new diseases again with no vaccines ever conceived of against them. Those who had released them in their other forms would reap their own deadly backlash. Who would even consider such a nightmarish, and no going back, attack? No need to ask. Outside of the truly crazies, the finger can always be pointed at the ‘one world order bunch’ out to conquer and control us and our minds at any cost. 

    "You can quote this but not myself...even though we both know...'They' Monitor all E-mails anyway.

    Best regards,


    Army Intel Officer X"



     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
President, Star Kids Project. LTD