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My Message to the CDC

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From: F
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 3:37 AM
Subject: My message to the CDC
To Whom it May Concern:
Not that the CDC really cares, but in case that there is someone in the CDC who reads this email who somehow got through the pro-Eugenics employment screening, and still gives a damn about people on this earth, this message if for you. 
I hear you people at the CDC are finally considering an investigation into Morgellon's Disease.  If you are, and if you really truly give a damn, then the answers can likely be found in our shadow government's little Chemtrail program, where nanotech tests on humans, by this government, are ongoing on a daily basis.   Please do not tell me that I am nuts as even by President Billy's own words, "thousands of unethical government experiments have been conducted on Americans in schools, hospitals, military bases and elsewhere."

As you know, Morgellon's fibers do not burn at 1700 degrees.  No virus, bacteria or fungus can survive this heat, indicating that this is an inorganic infection - or nanotechnology.   Maybe you can see if the Nazi/Commie element in this government will take just a short break from the elite masonic satan worship garbage at Bohemian Grove, stealing on Wall Street like degenerates and finally give us, the people, a MF break. 
Some info on Morgellons:     and

There is more - much more.