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In Lies We Trust - The CIA, Hollywood, and Bioterrorism (video)

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The War on Cancer, The War on AIDS

The War on Bioterrorism

Its hard to explain the full depth and breadth of the depravity of the pharmaceutical industry, the medical research industry, and the federal government.

This film does a pretty good job.

Hang on to your hat.

The model for modern biological warfare was "discovered" during the conquest of the Americas and has been repeated over and over again.

A recent example:

"American missionaries had first come to southwest Suriname in the early 1970s...At the time of their first contact with missionaries, the Tirios were suffering from diseases that had been introduced by explorers, Maroons, and other Indians, and possibly even by the evangelists themselves.

Tirio ethnomedicine had been ineffective against these strange illnesses. The missionaries, however, provided remedies that worked, thereby "proving" to the tribal elders the superiority of Western culture over indigenous traditions."

Creating new diseases, releasing them on the public, and then providing the magic cure - for a price - will work just as well as a social control tool in New York and Los Angeles as it does in the Amazon.