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Announcing a Joint Psychic Exercise (JPE) to deactivate the Cabal's biowarfare global plague

Richard Boylan PhD

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I am announcing a critically-important Joint Psychic Exercise (JPE) to take place this Monday, June 2. (Your specific time is at the bottom of this message.)

The JPE’s purpose is to counteract the Cabal's planned imminent releasing of a biowarfare agent that will result in a global plague. Star Nations says that this plague, if not stopped, will result in the killing of three-quarters of the Human population.

My inner team and I learned Thursday that the Cabal plan to unleash a bioengineered plague across the U.S. and beyond, thereby inducing chaos, instability and panic, and enabling the Cabal to "plausibly" invoke national (and soon global) Martial Law and assume absolute power.

The Cabal don't care if everybody else goes down, because 1) they have innoculated themselves against the bioengineered organism they'll unleash; and 2) they have those plush secret underground cities they built with your FEMA tax dollars, and they can last down there until all us "expendables" top-side die off.

The Cabal's bioengineered organism is deadly. Based on its symptom and vector characteristics we were psychically shown, it is an advanced bio-engineered composite microorganism, combining the hemorrhagic properties of an Ebola virus with the multi-antibiotics-resistant properties of a new drug-resistant strain of respiratory flu, and with water-borne properties and the hardy survival in the open environment characteristic of a pathogen like leptospirosis. Cabal scientists have used nano-technology to encapsulate their hybrid organism colonies into something like sub-microscopic nano-tube capsules engineered with a mechanism that will release the capsule's contents into every host human victim's bloodstream upon receiving an electromagmetic signal which the Cabal will send out.

This bioengineered pathogen is initially water-borne, then, when the dark blood blisters break through the victim's skin, the organisms become air-borne through air movement and eventually rise to the sky as part of evaporative moisture where, if they encounter rain clouds, they then become water-borne again and can spread and multiply; and thereafter it will be a "black rain" indeed. The infected rain washes into streams, reservoirs and lakes, from which the Cabal pathogen is consumed in the drinking water, and spreads and repeats the cycle. Everyone who ingests the pathogen becomes a carrier, spreading the silent, waiting organisms to others. Since people are symptom-free these first 24 months until the Cabal switch it on, no one would be aware of what they are spreading.

After spreading through the population, this bio-engineered plague is planned to become activated (via Cabal remote signal) in about 24 months, and reach a peak of pandemic infection in 3-5 years.

Information from one of the Altimarian scientists here, Amanda, corroborated by independent observations by Zeta observers, shows that the Cabal plan is to introduce these bio-engineered organisms into the New Croton Reservoir near Croton Falls, New York. The drinking water from that reservoir flows through the New Croton Aqueduct on to New York City. There it enters the Jerome Park Reservoir in The Bronx, then continues to flow through the rest of New York City until it mixes with water from the Catskill Aqueduct in Manhattan, and finally continues through the NYC boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island.

From the Cabal’s point of view, New York City makes an "excellent" infection-spreading site because of the constant flow in and out of business persons, tourists, and people catching flights to every part of the world. In the two years between when the Cabal starts dosing NYC's water supply any day now and when they turn on the nano-switch to get their bugs to go active, there is enough time to infect many, many times the city's resident population of 8 million. By the time the infections have spread and later go active, the pathogens will erupt into a sudden global pandemic.

One might say, "People wouldn’t do such a horrible thing." But the Cabal are getting ready to do just that. And now you can see why Star Nations classifies the Cabal as a sub-species of Human. As in sub-Human (morally).

The Cabal plan to introduce these pathogens into New York City’s water supply very soon. That is why we need to act promptly. Thus our Joint Psychic Exercise this coming Monday. Please get everyone you can to join us.

Our task during this Exercise is to get in a quiet space, develop mental focus and inner calm, and then focus attention of the Cabal pathogen storage tanks (wherever they are), and then form the intention to use your psychic ability of telekinesis or teleportation to transfer the life force within these organisms’ cells back into Mother Earth's basic energy matrix; (from which we all derived our life energy.)

Cells are already self-programmed to terminate their life by a natural process called apoptosis (programmed cell death.) You may wish to visualize these target cells immediately switching to apoptosis mode Monday.

Star Nations have said that they will be joining us in this effort. But they want it very clear that they do not engage in the direct taking of life. Their cooperation is only upon the explicit request which the Councillor of Earth has made, and they emphasize that the approach is an accelerated recycling of cellular energy back into Mother Earth’s fundamental life energy pool, and is not the traumatic annihilation of living beings, even microorganisms. Such may seem a fine distinction to some Humans but Star Nations are constrained by their ethical standards to take the approach outlined, and Star Nations operate ethically.

As before, Star Nations will help by adding their multiplying energies to the efforts of each Human lightworker (you) who participates, so that each of you will have your effort matched by corresponding individuals from each of the 1483 races in contact with Earth, giving your efforts a X 1483 multiplier effect. Just form the intention to hook into that multiplier energy that Star Nations has mobilized for our earlier JPEs.

Plan to devote 15-30 minutes to this Joint Psychic Exercise.

If you do not feel adept at psychic energy work, you can instead make a prayer; or you can meditate on a helpful outcome to the threat posed by the pathogenic organisms.

The time for you to join us in this Joint Psychic Exercise, is as follows (Daylight Saving/Summer Time where applicable):

Hawai'ian Islands: 5 am - Monday

Anchorage, Alaska: 7 am

Los Angeles/San Francisco/Vancouver, BC (PDT): 8 am

Denver/Calgary (MDT): 9 am

Chicago/Mexico City (CDT): 10am

New York/Washington, DC/San Juan, Puerto Rico/Bogotá, Columbia (EDT): 11 am

Halifax, Nova Scotia/Caracas, Venezuela: 12:00 noon

Sao Paulo, Brazil: 12 noon

Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)/Greenwich Mean Time/Zulu: 15:00 hrs. / 3 p.m.,

London/Dakar: 4 pm

Paris/Algiers/Rome/Berlin: 5 pm

Amman, Jordan/Capetown, SA: 6 pm

Moscow/Riyadh: 7 pm

Dubai: 7 pm

New Delhi: 8:30 pm

Beijing/Shanghai/Singapore/Manila: 11:00 pm, Monday

Tokyo/Seoul/Perth, AU: 12 midnight, Monday-Tuesday

Adelaide, AU: 12:30 am Tuesday

Brisbane, AU: 1 am, Tuesday

Canberra/Sydney, AU: 1 am Tuesday

Auckland, NZ: 3 am Tuesday

Kamchatka, Russia: 4 am Tuesday

If you absolutely cannot make this time, join us as soon as you can, and back-time or forward-time (time-jump by intention) your effort to coincide with ours.

Thank you.

          in the light,
          Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC,  Councillor of Earth
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
Diamond Springs, California 95619,  USA
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