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How accurate is this "second wave"?

Mat Staver

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Our government is reporting one person taking several COVID-19 tests (if positive) as multiple "new cases" even though this should be counted as only one new case. This is happening both in America and overseas.

Some are using these messed-up numbers to successfully push for a second wave of lockdowns and restrictions spreading across our nation. They want you locked back in your homes until you beg for a not-so-voluntary vaccine.

Send a message to Capitol Hill today to urge them to protect our freedom against mandatory lockdowns and forced vaccines based on fake numbers. - Mat


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is messing up how test results get reported.

If you go to the hospital with COVID-like symptoms, a common procedure is to do a nasal and a saliva test. Some even take a third "rapid" test. These tests are all reported separately so that it appears that two or even three different people all tested positive for COVID, rather than the reality that one person took multiple tests. In addition, the weekly follow-up test is also reported as if there were a fourth "new" case of the disease, and so on for as long as eight weeks.

In extended cases, one person could even show up as a total of 10 "new cases" of COVID.

Rather than outrage that we have been lied to on an international stage, the "experts" don't skip a beat but instantly move to pushing contact tracing and forced vaccines.

A professor of molecular virology, Nicola Stonehouse, replied: "I don't think it's helpful to be simply focused on the numbers of tests. We should concentrate on … contact tracing."

The whole foundation for this new, invasive contact tracing surveillance and spying is crumbling. But that is not stopping these radicals. Help us fight against contact tracing and spying by urging our legislators to protect our privacy right now.

But it gets worse.

Some states are mixing together positive test results for COVID and those who test positive for antibodies against COVID, according to The Atlantic.

This means that they are equating those who are contagious with the disease AND everyone who has already recovered (or never had symptoms) and is not at risk of getting the disease now or in the future. These very different situations are mixed in together and reported as testing "positive" for COVID. Now, it is fine to count the antibody test as part of the total number of cases, but it isn't fine to report those who do not currently have the disease as new cases.

Unfortunately, this has been going on for a significant amount of time.

The Atlantic wrote that this is "at best, a debilitating mistake."

"You've got to be kidding me," Ashish Jha, a Professor of Global Health at Harvard demanded, "How could the CDC make that mistake? This is a mess."

But this mistake is exactly what the "experts" are using to successfully push Congress and governors all across America to use your tax dollars to spy on you for contact tracing and to take additional shutdown measures.

Help stop this by faxing state and national politicians to stop funding this attack on your freedom.

This is not just happening in the USA.

"Public health officials have admitted" to The Telegraph that "tens of thousands of Covid-19 tests have been double-counted in the Government's official tally" of new COVID-19 cases in the UK.

But in addition to that admission, The Telegraph found "Almost 350,000 more tests have been reported in Government data than people tested since the start of the pandemic."

It is up to you and me to rein in our national and state leaders to stop the panic grab of your rights and liberties by sending a fax today.

Noel Brewer, professor of health behavior at University of North Carolina, supports the shutdowns. But his plan goes much further.

He explained why he wasn't concerned about public resistance to vaccines being rushed through trials. "That enticement of normal life could lead some who now are leery about a coronavirus vaccine to get one once it is available."

"If a vaccine allows you to no longer wear a mask at work, or to visit your grandmother in a nursing home, or to shake hands with business colleagues, that could be very motivating," he told Newsday.

So, behavior experts plan to withhold work opportunities, the ability to see your family, and will invade the space on your face until you give in and take their not-so-voluntary vaccination.

Interestingly, Brewer is from the same university that was in a partnership with those in the Wuhan, China lab experimenting on bat coronavirus. In 2014, the Dept. of Homeland Security shut down these experiments in America, and they subsequently moved to Wuhan.

These health "experts" aren't worried about inaccurate data. They already have a plan to make you afraid, to make you take their vaccine, and to make you fall in line.

Now is the moment to rise up and demand that our governors and legislators fight against the fake reporting leading to a second wave of shutdowns, and mandatory vaccines that might not even be effective. Send your fax now.

In addition, we investigated and found that doctors in Arizona are doing virtual exams online while giving zero tests. They are simply declaring people as diagnosed with COVID based on a conversation about symptoms that are common with many other diseases. These people could have any number of other sicknesses but now they are nationally reported as "new COVID cases" in America.

Let our political leaders know that free Americans will not stand to be pushed back in our houses because of bad data to then sit and wait for a rushed vaccine to set us free. Now is the time to stop this.

Thanks to your partnership, we can educate and empower patriots across America to stop these dictators from lying to us and destroying every freedom our Founding Fathers established. Now is not the time to get discouraged; now is the time to rise up, spread the truth, get encouraged, and get involved. Partner with us today.

Please pray for President Trump, right now. There is intense pressure on him to sacrifice our freedom for an illusion of safety. If you haven't already, sign Liberty Counsel Action's petition today to help strengthen our efforts to fight for liberty.


Mat Staver



P.S. We cannot silently hope someone else will restore our freedoms. It is up to us to stand and use the truth to fight for our freedoms. Send a fax demanding that legislators and governors stop these unconstitutional surveillance efforts.

I also invite you to forward this message to likeminded friends who want to see freedom saved in America.

Right now, is a challenging time for many of our usual friends and supporters. Please know that we pray for you. If you can support Liberty Counsel Action with a donation of any size today, we would deeply appreciate your partnership with us. God bless you.

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