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The Gale Force Hits Incumbents

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rica from the destructive grips of a dysfunctional government that can’t seem to get along.  

Roberts has stirred all three of these agendas into one stewing pot this Halloween. The production of the hard copies of his pictorial satire, Influence-za: An American Epidemic, is attempting to launch a micro-industry of print shops across America providing adults with special needs jobs. Roberts is determined to have the public start seeing the Abilities of this very special population rather than just focusing on their disabilities through the eyes of his startup company, Promoting disAbilities. Roberts has been an advocate of the special needs community for over 18 years as his daughter, Sydney, has Special Needs.  While she has the mental capacity of a 5-month old baby at 19 years old, Roberts says that she has taught him more about humanity than all the wise men and women combined.

 An electronic version of the book is available online at, along with several video messages urging Americans to take back their power through the radical act of throwing out all infected incumbents next Tuesday and beyond. The inspiration of the Influence-za: An American Epidemic came from hundreds of photos that Roberts took of a new born calf as it took its first steps in life. Ironically, the red and white cow called America in the book was teaching her black calf named Bullbama how to walk without falling over to its left side. “There it was, right in front of me,” recalls Roberts, “the perfect metaphor for America’s desperate need to find a center ground.”  

This book’s central aim, with a side of political jousting to keep readers engaged, is to urge American voters to demand that their elected officials take on the issues concerning America and leave extreme partisan politics as relics of the past.  Through writing the book, Roberts also realized that the story’s message was just a beginning and that one of the deepest inspirations and models of leadership existed right beneath his nose.  Why, he thought, couldn’t his story serve as a way to advocate for the special-needs community?  What started as a call for our government to start getting along now became an avenue for providing jobs for adults with Special Needs by having them produce the printed versions of the book. This spawned his initiative cottage industry, Promoting disAbilities.  

The final impulse arising from the live birth of the calf was the idea to create the largest labyrinth in the world named after his daughter, entitled “Sydney’s Labyrinth of Hope”.  The purpose of this overwhelming undertaking, according to Roberts, is to capture and engrave the positive thoughts of millions of people and put them in one location to “Stand as a timeless testimony to the possibility of peace and hope in the world.” 

All three of the projects are quite overwhelming and very ambitious.  Will Roberts be successful in getting all the incumbents voted out of office this next Tuesday?  Most likely not as in past mid-term elections approximately 90% of the incumbents are re-elected.  One thing is for certain, this story is not just about the cows or the incumbents; this is a heartfelt effort aimed at accessing the heart of our country and leading from that place within us all.