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Joe Biden Is Now Under Criminal Investigation for One Corrupt Ultimatum

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Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign roared back from the dead with a win in the South Carolina primary.

But that victory was overshadowed by some really bad news.

Joe Biden is now under criminal investigation for one corrupt ultimatum.

During the impeachment hoax, Democrats like Adam Schiff and their servants in the fake news media attempted to fabricate a quid pro quo between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky concerning military aid to Ukraine and corruption investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden.

Congressional Democrats and so-called “journalists” covered up the fact that the real quid pro quo that Donald Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate was Joe Biden pressuring the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor that had been investigating the energy company paying his son Hunter one million dollars a year to sit on its board of directors.

This arrangement was not a figment of Trump’s imagination or a conspiracy theory.

In a 2018 appearance at the Council on Foreign Relations, Biden openly bragged on camera about blackmailing the Ukrainian government by threatening to withhold one billion dollars in aid unless their President fired Prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

Biden congratulated himself on Ukraine entering into the corrupt bargain and their government firing Shokin rather than lose out on U.S. funding.

But now the worm is turning as Shokin forced the Ukrainian government to open up a criminal investigation into Biden’s conduct.

The Washington Post reported:

Shokin has claimed he was pushed out by Biden because he tried to launch a probe into Hunter Biden’s role at Burisma. In fact, Ukrainian investigations into Burisma related to the period before Hunter Biden joined the board.

“They need to investigate this. They have no other alternative. They are required to do this by the decision of the court. If they don’t, then they violate a whole string of procedural norms,” Teleshetsky said in an interview.

Daria Kaleniuk, director of Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Action Center claimed this was a mere formality.

“The fact that it was opened after a decision of the court indicates that first the SBI didn’t open this case, but the attorneys of Shokin made the SBI open this case,” Kaleniuk stated in an interview.

“Let’s say I can write a claim to the SBI that I think aliens stole my car,” Kaleniuk added. “And the SBI obviously will not open [a case] as there is not evidence of a crime. But then I can go to court and make the SBI open it, through a court decision. So this case looks to me like that.”

But the simple fact of that matter is that as Biden looks to revive his campaign, the alleged corruption in Ukraine coming back into the headlines is not a welcome development for Biden.

While the Senate exonerated the President from the impeachment hoax, the polling data made it clear that weeks of focus on Joe and Hunter Biden’s shady conduct in Ukraine dragged down Biden’s numbers.

Should Biden generate a second act in the Presidential campaign, the Ukraine story will still anchor his poll numbers.

American Patriot Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.