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Jim Stone

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Brian sent:

Hi Jim. I just wanted to add to your 'Oregon couple loses kids' and 'Has Canada gone full communist' posts. My wife and I live in the Denver area just had twin boys. The duration of her pregnancy went fairly well and she delivered at 37 weeks 3days by C-section. The delivery was textbook and the twins were 6lbs. 6oz and 5lbs 11oz respectively. The two boys were very healthy with no issues.

Prior to being discharged from the hospital, we needed to pick a pediatrician. We choose a holistic pediatric nurse practitioner, Jennifer Gaughan out of the Denver area. We thought she and her office might be a bit more understanding of our stand on vaccinations versus a traditional pediatric office. We spent four days in the hospital and were discharged on a Friday with the twins exceeding all requirements and expectations of the hospital.

I took the twins to their appointment with Jennifer that following Tuesday. The visit went well. Jennifer examined the twins and said that they were healthy and saw nothing wrong with them. She notated that they did gain a few ounces since being discharged, but wanted to see what their weight would be in a weeks time. She asked if I could buy a baby scale or bring them back in a week to be re-weighed. I said I would look into a baby scale. I scheduled their next appointment for the following Monday with the receptionist and then left. The next day I called around to see about renting a baby scale, but the most expensive ones were only available. I had my wife call her office back and let them know we would just be back in on the following Monday so they can be checked and re-weighed again at that time.

That Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after their first appointment with Jennifer, she left multiple voicemails on my wife's phone indicating the twins were healthy but she is still wondering about them gaining weight. My wife and I were confused for we already said we would be back in the following Monday for their next appointment where she can check their weight again. It seemed like Jennifer was OCD'ing and slightly bipolar over the issue in my opinion.

Friday night at 8PM, we get a knock at the door. It was the local police department. I asked what they wanted and they said they got a complaint from a doctor's office who was concerned about the twin boys weight gain and had a report filed from CPS and needed to investigate. My jaw dropped to the floor and my wife and I were livid. I could not believe that Jennifer called Child Protective Services. The twins weren't even a week old yet and we have CPS investigating us?! WTF!?

The police came in and investigated and saw that our home and twin boys were perfectly fine with no problems. The next day I took the twins to another pediatrician closer to us and she documented that they were perfectly healthy and gaining weight just fine. A few days later a CPS case worker came by to do her investigation follow up. She heard the voicemails left on my wife's phone from Jennifer stating she knows the twins are healthy but was concerned about their weight. The CPS worker interviewed us, looked over the twins and our home and stated that this report looks to be filed in error for she saw nothing wrong and the case was closed.

My issue with all this is that the local CPS office did not do any kind of initial validation process with Jennifer and her office prior to visiting us. So in essence, any person (mentally stable or not) can file a report with CPS based on truths or lies and CPS just shows up without any prior investigation work on their part which is disturbing

- Brian, long time reader of your site"