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Rocky Montana
July 18, 2917
For the past eight years, the U.S. Legislative, Administrative, and Judiciary have been using the "Helgian" triadic structure to force socialist medicine and health care on the American people.  In short, the Helgian" triadic structure is a sneaky, political trick to foist socialist programs on the masses: THESIS, ANTITHESIS, and SYNTHESIS.  Thesis: is a proposition stated or put forward for consideration, especially one to be discussed and proved or to be maintained against objections.  Antithesis: Opposite or objection to the thesis.  Synthesis: THE BIG SCAM.   A compromise between thesis and antithesis.
1.    THESIS:  In 2009 Barrack Obama and Democrat party, assisted by the Supreme Court, rammed Obamacare (resurrected Kennedycare and Hillarycare) down our collective throats.  We-the-people responded by throwing the Democrat majority out of office in a series of three election cycles.
2.    ANTITHESIS:  Shortly after the American people began voicing their objection to Obamacare.  In 2010 Republican hopefuls began campaigning against Obamacare and vowed to REPEAL AND REPLACE OBAMACARE.  We-the-people responded by voting these Republicans into office at the U.S. Legislature and Administration levels.
3:    SYNTHESIS:  2017:  After giving the Republicans the White House and the majority in both Houses of Congress, all but a few conservative Republicans in the House and Senate reneged on their campaign promises to REPEAL AND REPLACE OBAMACARE.  They, instead, have acquiesced to tweak Obamacare (called Obamacare-light) and have even made this monstrosity worse by adding a crony-capitalism provision to set $200 million aside to bail-out the Insurance companies (another government subsidy).  
(The U.S. government either has not learned its lesson or are efforting to steal, again, from the American people.  If a company is too big to fail, it should be broken up into smaller pieces--period!  No more "too big to fail" companies; no more bailouts.  STOP BIG GOVERNMENT'S "TOO BIG TO FAIL" SCAM!)
So, here we all are, again, at the crossroads of fascist socialism (communism) and free enterprise, free-market capitalism.  WHICH WAY DO YOU WANT YOUR NATION TO GO, AMERICANS, AND HOW HARD ARE YOU WILLING TO FIGHT FOR IT?!?  I stand with Sen. Paul on this one; we must bring our Republican lawmakers to account, compelling them to either live up to their campaign promises--first REPEAL and then REPLACE OBAMACARE or leave office!  And if they don't do either, it is up to us to throw both the deceiving obstructionist Democrats AND deceitful Republicans out of office and start over with new lawmakers who promise to REPEAL AND REPLACE OBAMACARE and will live up to their promises.
Group Insurance plans worked well in the past for all who work; so why get rid of them?  Care Cooperatives may be the future for assuring affordable health care to all Americans who can't get group health insurance.  Check out the new medical care paradigm of Josh Empehr, M.D. for instance:  
"After completing training and becoming a board certified Family Physician, I opened Atlas MD, a practice that I had been dreaming about for nearly a decade.  Atlas MD represents my ideal medical practice where I’m able to shrug off the burdens and restrictions of government and insurance regulation so I can focus solely on my patients and their needs."
Final note: If  U.S. Health Care is, indeed, too expensive for the American people, it is primarily because the U.S. Medical industry is a monopoly, NOT based on free enterprise, free-market capitalism, as all commerce was intended to be by our Founding Fathers.  Perhaps it, too, must be broken up into smaller pieces so that it does become competitive and affordable.  The Medical, Insurance and Pharmaceutical industries are all, basically monopolies that support one-another, all made possible by our beloved federal government. They are all part of the health care problem.  The Medical, Insurance and Pharmaceutical industries are simply making too much money off the backs of the American people.  Their profits must come down if the U.S. is ever to have a viable health care system that works for ALL the people.  And the only way this will occur, in my opinion, is through competition.  The competition: Alternative or Naturopathic Health Care and Healthcare cooperatives.  Your AMA doctors and nurses know nothing about alternative healthcare, so don't bother asking them about it.  Orthodox Medicine (Medical, Insurance, and Pharmaceutical industry) only know how to manage disease, not cure it.  Alternative or Naturopathic Health Care is growing up in the shadows of Orthodox Medicine, despite the best efforts of the AMA and the U.S. government to kill, cull, injure, and/or not allow it to grow.  Ones who want to learn about alternative/naturopathic health care and health care cooperatives must do their own research; each must seize responsibility for their own physical and mental health.
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