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Elderly told: go back to work and downsize
"Look, it's simple. If we spend the money we took from you while you were working to take care of you now, then we won't have money to wage war on Israel's enemies! Government is choosing! Government is prioritizing! And you smelly old people just aren't useful any more!" -- Number 9 3/4 ~Mike Rivero
I foresee the day, in the not to distant future, where Termination Centers will become quite common place. At first they will be billed as humane alternatives for terminal cases absent the requisite long term health insurance, the opinion of which, by a least 2 doctors -- that the patient does not have a better than 50% chance of recovery under the then current medical criteria for ongoing treatment -- aside from the who is able, or willing to go on the hook to pay for it. Understandably with the passage of time that percentage will start decreasing to the point where the issue of long term medical care, versus early termination, will rest solely with the doctor, due to his newly granted powers of discretion under amended AMA guidelines.
I'll bet that all the big health insurance companies already have final drafts of policies, guidelines, and procedures, ready for issue to Termination Centers when the time comes to do so. Not unlike the Patriot Act, quickly passed into law right after 911, such a colossal undertaking had to have been started years before 911. The media will play a major role in how the public perceives and receives these Centers -- in the beginning that is -- until they become used to having them around, not unlike abortion clinics for American Teens.
Once the act of compassionate termination is made to appear dignified -- which the Jew press will successfully accomplish in short order -- that will open the floodgates for Wall Street to start calling the shots on how the Centers are ran financially. Termination Centers will be as profitable as Prisons are, unless they start running low on Game Show Contestants, which I don't see being the case for quite some time, if ever. ~Rod Remelin