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April,11, 2010

Edward M. Bowman

8457 Annapolis Road

Spring Hill Florida 34608

Re: Acc# 52536653

ATTN:: Revenue Integrity Department,

 To say I am outraged is putting it mildly.. What portion of the bill do I question. All of it. $38,210.91 for a four day stay is slightly excessive to say the least.. First you have her down for three and one half days of oxygen at $1200 dollars a day. She claims she was on oxygen for only two days. You have her down for 110 doses of medication over a four day period ranging from $219.10 a dose to $144.49 a dose to $61.50 a dose to $41.02 a dose to $36.25 a dose all in all 110 doses of medication in four days.

I asked for the Doctors name who signed off on this massive amount of medication and I was told it was confidential. I said I would put the patient on the phone tell her it’s confidential. They then said they didn’t know. So they went from it’s confidential to they didn’t know. Most of the doses were for 1 Pip sod /taz sod 1.125. I showed this to her cancer Doctor and he didn’t have the slightest idea what 1 pip sod/taz was.

I am once again requesting the name of the Doctor who signed off on this massive amount of medication. My wife the patient hereby signs this request ( ). You have her down for five venipunctures she claims she was stuck only once as she has a port.I take venipuncture to mean she was stuck five times.

She was in your hospital for four days at a cost of $38,210.91 or $9,552.72 per day or $398.03 an hour or $6.63 per minute. A bit excessive I would say.

Now as to why she was in your hospital for chest congestion she has cancer Multiple Myeloma a cancer by the way your hospital misdiagnosed the first time she was in your hospital at a cost of $79,308.61. A misdiagnoses that could of killed her. Two weeks later a very smart cancer Doctor by the name of Dr, Tang of the Florida Cancer Institute done a spinal tap ( something your hospital should have done) and diagnosed her correctly with Multiple Myeloma. He found 80% cancer cells in her bone marrow. After two months of the proper medication there was no cancer cells in her bone marrow. But chemo had weakened her hence the chest congestion and her second stay at your hospital at a cost of $38,210.91 or $9,552.72 per day or $398.03 per hour or $ 6.63 per minute.

After reading about the Hospital Corporation of America being fined 1.6 Billion dollars for stealing from Medicare and Medicaid and they even stole $52 million dollars from the Veterans health insurance fund, I tend to look at the medical profession with a jaundice eye. I also just read about a cancer Doctor going to jail for watering down his patients Chemo drugs to increase his profits. So you can see where my mind set is at. As a retired Police Sergeant I’m suspicious by nature. Even your employees who first read this letter realize how excessive your fees are,

Your hospital is located in Hernando County the second largest County for unemployment in Florida. People are having trouble putting food on the table. Every second block has a foreclosed house for sale . Have you no shame?

Don’t tell me you are saving lives . I have awards on the wall in my office of a few lives I have saved . My friend a retired fireman saved a few lives in his day too.
It was our job, that’s what we signed on for. It’s your profession to save lives not to enrich your selves. Some where this was lost along the way.
You threatened me that I still owed $300 dollars over and above the $38,210.90 and if I didn’t pay you would destroy my credit.
I’m 77 years old I really don’t need credit anymore.
A good day for me is going to Wal-Mart and buying some new underwear, So go ahead . You have a better chance of seeing God then of getting $300 dollars off me after your absolute incompetence .   So you do your worst and I’ll do my best.
Unless I receive a satisfactory explanation of these charges within 10 days I’ll have no choice but to forward your bill for $38,210.91 or $6.63 per minute to a Medicare investigator and let them figure it out.

                                               Edward M. Bowman

                                               Retired Sgt, N.Y.P.D.

                                               Member American Legion

                                               Veteran of Foreign Wars

                                               United States Army