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Canadian Health Care is a killer. What is the obvious answer to America's health care woes?

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Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 6:31 PM
Subject: Canadian Health Care is a killer. What is the obvious answer to America's health care woes?
What is the answer to America's health crisis?  It should be obvious.  In addition to releasing the real technologies and cures that have been withheld from us, the government needs to permit American schools to open more medical schools to increase the doctor-patient ratios, so prices fall and quality of care increases.  Instead, the medical mafia has a stranglehold on us for money and control.  Note that law schools are  far more common than medical schools, and as a result, you can get an hour with a decent attorney for anywhere from $200-$400.  Try an hour with a doctor and you will find your bill in the thousands due to a shortage of time and doctors.  Yet, there are thousands of qualified applicants turned away from medical schools for lack of space.

The law of supply and demand rules yet once again, but is ignored by the treasonous ruling mafia elites.

Canadian Health Care: A Killer
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  Canadian Health Care: A Killer <>


 May 11, 2009, 09:51 AM

    This is the norm of Canadian socialized health are, the type Obama wants for you:  "Emily Morley got some very bad news in March 2006. Her cancer had spread, the doctor informed the 67-year-old Canadian. She would need to see an oncologist.


Then Morley got some really bad news: Shed have to wait several months before she could get an appointment."  She died.


Government can not deliver the mail, stop the murder of tens of thousands of people each year, provide quality education--but Obama and his friends  want to have you wait for months for confirmation of cancer, and months more to see a doctor.  In fact, they prefer you die.   Oh, and for the "privilege" of NOT getting health care, pay higher taxes.


Obama loves government, not people.  That is what Wright, Ayers, Davis and their friends taught him--and we get to die because he was a good student of bad policy.

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