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DO NOT let your teenage kids read magazines such as Cosmopolitan

Jim Stone

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DO NOT let your teenage kids read magazines such as Cosmopolitan by Jim Stone

When I saw what I am going to mention here, I was so disgusted I just clicked out. But after a day I figured I ought to post the following to warn parents.

I have long said "women's" magazines were weapons for destroying society. And now there is proof. Cosmopolitan and others have published something so disgusting I thought it was a ruse but it was not. I am not going to say it, just click the link. It is called a "rusty trombone" and it is a "sex act" that is nasty beyond belief, so nasty I think someone just made this up to destroy society. I cannot believe this is something that was naturally accepted by society. Other so-called "womens magazines" published different reports on this at the same time, it was a coordinated effort, and it also got a Wikipedia post. BE FOREWARNED, THIS IS DISGUSTING and I cannot fathom in a million years how anyone would enjoy this, either the giver or the recipient. I flatly do not believe this existed until these magazines published it as "bedroom advice".

It is clear to me now that the only goal of the so-called "social engineers" over our current society is to simply seek the most disgusting and demeaning depravity they can possibly dream up - stuff that no one would EVER truly enjoy, and then publish it under a veil of "legitimacy" and hope the suckers of society fall for it. Kids are very impressionable, DO NOT let your kids get anywhere near any of these magazines, they are pure wanton destruction and the links I posted are proof.

Jim Stone