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Lasha Darkmoon

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We are now in the vortex of a major sexual epidemic. Are they putting something in the drinking water?

“By the pricking of my thumbs,

Something wicked this way comes.”

— Shakespeare, Macbeth

The other day I received an email from a young man with an odd polysyllabic name of African provenance. I copy and paste his email exactly as written:

Dr Darkmoon,

I read your article on pornography and I’ve read so many other articles. I’ve been a porn addict for the past 7 years now and it’s quite scary that masturbation and porn damages the brain. Im just 20, with that, it raises questions like can I ever be someone great in life. I have dreams just like everyone else and I feel like I’m plunging greatly into my fall and demise. Even if I live, I don’t think I can live my full potential. Its quite sad. I just need to know if there’s hope to quitting this addiction and if at all I eventually quit, can I become fully okay from the effects. Thank you. Please Reply.

(Name withheld)

This was not the first request for sexual counseling I have received. Ever since my early articles on sexual politics in the Occidental Observer, I have received dozens of letters from all over the world asking for advice on sex problems. Needless to say, I am not a qualified sex therapist and the only advice I can dispense is the advice of an amateur agony aunt.

The sexual temptations that are nowadays dangled in the face of most men (and women too) are so outrageously extreme that the heroic St Anthony himself, had he encountered such powerful stimuli, would have been driven to despair. Ever since the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, the sheer toxicity of this imagery has increased tenfold. As I noted in my essay on porn addiction:

“Pornography is no longer the relatively mild aphrodisiac it used to be in the Summer of Love, 1967, when the Sexual Revolution first began to take off.  With the advent of the internet and the advance in audiovisual communications, its lethality has increased exponentially.

Future advances in the area of holographic images and reality drugs threaten to make porn so irresistible to future generations that ordinary sex as we know it will pale into insignificance and fail to exercise its customary charms. Autoeroticism will then reign supreme; and the zombie sex addict, dead-eyed and drooling with unquenchable lust, will inherit the earth and turn it into a vast masturbatorium.

This is one vision of the sex dystopia to come: a science fiction nightmare that has every chance of being realized. This is a world in which only the sexually fit will survive as the masters, those schooled to self-discipline and impulse control. The weak-willed and degenerate will not necessarily die out. They will simply sink into the amorphous lumpenproletariat as permanent slaves.”

Faced with acute problems such as these, many men are helpless and hopelessly addicted to pornography. Contrary to public misconceptions, women are by no means immune to these new vices, and even children in vast numbers are being sucked into the net of sexual vice.

Here is a young woman who was hooked on internet porn at the age of eleven:

It started as an innocent Google search. I was eleven. I wanted to know more about one of my favorite singers, so I searched her name. I ended up on a fan site, which had a chat room.

A few weeks later, I was chatting with a few people and one of them sent me a link. They told me to click it and not to worry about the part where it asked if I was eighteen, I’d like what I saw. I naively clicked and opened a porn site. At first, I was mostly surprised. I didn’t know it was wrong. I was curious. Something in me was shocked, but another part of me wanted to know and see more.

So I came back. Again. And again, every day. Soon I was saying goodnight to my parents then waiting until I heard my dad snoring to sneak back downstairs to the computer to watch porn. Every night, for hours and hours. I’d be quiet, turn off the sound, and clear the history after I was done.

Inevitably, I began to mimic what I saw on the screen. I started masturbating every day. Several times a day. I was hooked. I loved it, it was my secret and nobody knew. I withdrew from my family and friends.

I started making excuses to stay home alone…especially on Sundays when the whole family would go out to church. I’d say I was sick, or some other excuse. I didn’t really believe in God, anyways, so I didn’t care. I just wanted sex. I wanted to watch more porn. It got so bad that I’d go to my job as a babysitter, put a movie on for the kids, and then watch porn until the parents came back. I almost got caught more than once. But I was good at lying. My parents and family were too caught up in the busy chaos of homeschooling and taking care of the babies to notice. They never knew.

I built a world in my head. A world where I was that bad girl with huge boobs and all those guys going crazy for me. I was a stripper, a hooker, or a famous porn star. And I was good at what I did. But none of it was real.

I started cheating in schoolwork to make up for my lack of sleep and addiction. I had no desire for anything else. I became even sneakier, telling lies was my first language.

Thankfully, God radically broke in and saved me a few months before I turned fourteen. But three years of my life had been wasted, utterly consumed by my pornography addiction. I haven’t masturbated or been involved in porn in over six years now, but it still affects my life seriously. I would have reoccurring rape nightmares, and my mind is still a battlefield as I try to forget the thousands of images and filth that filled those years…. (See here)

That porn addiction has an even more devastating effect on little boys is another closely guarded secret.

Oxbow Academy (pictured here), an expensive residential treatment center in the wilds of Utah, is in fact a lock-down facility reserved exclusively for 13-to-17-year-old boys. Internet pornography has turned these youngsters into virtual masturbation machines.

Here in a soothing therapeutic atmosphere —”New Hope, New Help, No Secrets” is the school motto—emotionally damaged little boys who cannot stop masturbating to online porn are sent by their worried parents to be “cured”.

As part of their therapy, Oxbow has implemented a prison-like regimen for the boys. Kept under constant supervision by staff members and allowed only 10 minutes in the bathroom, the boys are monitored by video cameras and motion detectors at all times. Even while asleep. This is to stop them masturbating to past memories of porn. These memories torment them night and day, months after their last contact with inflammatory online imagery.

Shawn Brooks, founder of Oxbow Academy, admits ruefully: “They have a hard time not masturbating every 15 or 20 minutes.”


“Most porn addicts get agitated when they’re deprived of their online sources. But one boy from Chicago actually got the shakes, like a drug abuser. He was in very poor shape when he arrived. He’d been on his computer 10 to 12 hours a day looking at porn. He wasn’t eating, he was dehydrated, had poor hygiene. He’d done nothing but watch porn.” — Stephen Schulz, director of Oxbow Academy.

—   §   —

Some months ago I received this email from a man in a Scandinavian country. I copy his letter verbatim — no changes. Make allowances for his poor English:

Hi Doc,

I have red your article Pornography’s Effect on the Brain. It says all the details. I am almost driving in that direction where my sex appetite looking for different paths.

I introspected my self and it’s not me. I am wasting marriage life. My actual problem is fantasy. I don’t watch everyday but those images stocked in my brain. Now a days, when i see ordinary beauty women I feel to intimate with her. This is very annoying me. Mostly, i ejaculate in early mornings with masturbation in bed due to fantasy dreams. After ejaculate, I woke up and feel guilty. I am unable to enjoy the pure essence of sex with my spouse.

I used to practice mediation 3 years ago very sincerely. But now, during mediation brain can’t stabilize and over took bye sexual fantasy images.

Can you tell me what are the best practices to come out of this addiction?

Looking forward for ur reply.


K.P. (name redacted)

No, dear K.P., I cannot help you! Nothing I say will be of the slightest use. If even your wife cannot help you, how can I?

Yesterday, an article in the Daily Mail shocked me to the core. It was about a Church of England vicar, the Reverend Stennett Kirby, who spent most of his time, while not conducting religious services for his parishioners, masturbating to pornography and obtaining multiple orgasms with the help of crack cocaine, legal sex poppers, and other powerful aphrodisiacs.


Rev Stennett Kirby, shown in a secretly-recorded video sitting on a sofa with a friend and apparently watching porn and talking about sex escorts.

It isn’t clear to me how this sexually hyperactive man of God managed to get himself ordained by the Church of England. It obviously took some doing. Shocking footage shows the sex-crazed vicar inhaling from a crack pipe and snorting cocaine before declaring  “I’m a very happy man.”

The Daily Mail reports:

The 64-year-old is seen lighting some sort of pipe before snorting a suspicious white powder, in footage published by The Sun on Sunday. He is said to have talked about paying for a female escort, adding: “I wish I could. If I had money, I would. I’ve only got £10 left.”

The priest also apparently discussed buying the legal drug poppers on a visit to Soho in central London.

Mr Kirby is the vicar of West Ham Parish Church in Stratford and has held the position since 2007.

At a service on Sunday morning, the Rev Stephen Chandler, an associate minister at the church, broke the news to the congregation. He said:

“By now many of you may have heard of an article which has appeared online today concerning your vicar, the Revd Stennett Kirby. I am trying to support Stennett pastorally at this demanding time for him and he is very much in my prayers and Bishop Stephen’s [of Chelmsford], as are you all here at All Saints.

“The article contains serious allegations with regard to drug taking and other matters of an ethical nature. These allegations will now be investigated by the archdeacon.”

I really feel sorry for this pill-popping, porn-addicted seeker of multiple orgasms. Surely he could have picked a more appropriate line of work? Like, for example, a bouncer for a strip club. Why become a priest if all you’re interested in is sex escorts, crack cocaine, and jerking off endlessly to porn videos?

It makes no sense to me. Something’s seriously wrong. As the witch in Macbeth said, By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.”

A parishioner of the masturbating man of God, who did not want to be named,  is quoted as saying: “No-one would have known about this before the announcement. Everyone is very shocked.”

You can bet your life everyone’s shocked.

I keep saying to my friends almost every day, “Nothing shocks me anymore.” And then the next day I’m proved wrong. Something crops up that shocks the hell out of me.

What next? Is the Pope going to put in a good word for cannibalism and pedophilia? Are child sex brothels to be legalized in Europe, prompting the British people to abandon Brexit and apologize for voting to leave the enlightened European superstate?

Anything’s possible; the unexpected is the new expected.

One of these days, the way we’re going, we’re going to have explicit porn on every TV channel. MPs, not particularly well known for their sexual restraint, will be jerking off in parliament while passing new laws to make everyone else model citizens.

I said this a few years ago. I haven’t changed my mind. This is truer than it ever was before:

That pornography damages the character, weakens the will, and produces sexual deviance in those it infects, can no longer be doubted. That it can even, under the influence of drugs such as cocaine, occasionally turn heterosexuals into homosexuals, is an even more sinister development.

That long-term pornography use, accompanied by compulsive masturbation, actually causes structural changes in the brain is now beyond dispute. Whether this amounts to “brain damage” in the classic sense is a contentious issue and will be hotly denied by the Masturbation Lobby and all those who believe, erroneously, that masturbation is a stress reliever and a cure for depression.

Porn addiction and its invariable accompaniment, compulsive masturbation, are in fact stress increasers. They are often found as major symptoms in obsessive-compulsive disorders. Far from relieving depression, they intensify it. Indeed, they are all too often the underlying cause of the depression in that they generate a huge loss of self-esteem. These are truisms, patently obvious to all except the merchants of lies.

Meanwhile, there is little doubt that the virulent sex epidemic we witness all around us is a deliberately planned sex psyop. This is what governments want. The Puppet Masters who pull the hidden strings of our Western regimes, all masquerading as democracies, have managed to manufacture exactly what we see when we look around us: widespread neurosis, mass misery, the collapse of moral values, Christianity in ruins, and the coarse brutalization of the common man.

No need for gulags for those who consent to their own chains.

Are they putting something in the drinking water? I wouldn’t be surprised.