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Joe Biden Caught Asking Young Girl ‘Do You Know How Horny I Am?’

Baxter Dmitry

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Footage has surfaced of Joe Biden touching a young girl inappropriately while whispering, "Do you know how horny I am to have a 13-year-old girl standing right next to me?"

Footage has surfaced of former Vice President Joe Biden touching a young girl inappropriately while whispering in her ear, “Do you know how horny I am to have a 13-year-old girl standing right next to me?

Leaning against the young girl so that she is pressed against his groin, Joe Biden whispers to her “Speak to my daughter Ashley about the film“, before lunging in for a kiss.

The 13-year-old girl manages to evade Joe Biden’s ancient, puckered lips, but her discomfiture is clear for all to see.

Proving that his hard-won reputation as Washington D.C.’s premiere sleaze is justified, Creepy Joe Biden then touches her again before murmuring “You’re a good looking girl.”


No wonder Jeff Sessions abruptly ordered Joe Biden not to touch his granddaughter when they had the misfortune of running into the former Vice President at the Senate swearing in ceremony in 2016.

There is endless footage of Joe Biden taking advantage of young girls and touching them up while their distracted parents meet and greet politicians in D.C.’s corridors of power.

While mainstream media is busy attempting to turn Joe Biden into a viable presidential candidate for 2020 – portraying him as Cool Uncle Joe, always wearing shades and cracking jokes – the reality is the former Vice President is a serial sleaze who preys on young children.

His reputation in D.C. precedes him, and other politicians do not let their young family members anywhere near him.

Creepy Joe Biden is a prime example of the culture of permissiveness that pervades the corridors of power in D.C. Satanists and pedophiles prowl the halls and abuse their powers in the worst possible ways.

There is a pedophilia problem in government, as well as at the top of the entertainment industry, and they are protecting each other from prosecution.

Joe Biden’s behavior proves they have become complacent. They are flaunting their perversions in public.

We need to begin the purge.




Baxter Dmitry