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While many are distracted over nonsense they fail to see a nefarious reality. The agenda that needs to be destroyed: The normalization of pedophilia. Unsavory organizations plan to put into question the status of pedophilia as a crime, so people start considering it a condition that needs therapy not judgment. When several people become more lenient, there will be a push to classify it as one more sexual preference like any other. And they will keep pushing, until it’s accepted.

Religious folks: Instead of being concerned if gay people can marry or not, you should worry about real issues. Costa Rica’s first gay marriage was celebrated a few hours ago at midnight, as two women tied the knot. My country has been ravaged by division as filthy social engineers used the LGBTQ movement as a weapon to further divide and conquer. Screw them all politicians, judges, and the media who dangled with this agenda: you are SCUM.

That said, congratulations to the LGBTQ movement! This is something that should’ve been approved a long time ago. Why prohibit said community the pleasure of being as miserable as us straight folks? More than 50% of marriages end in divorce, in a few years, some gay folks will regret it. The lack of values ​​and commitment is everywhere, don’ think so? Explain to me why so many straight marriages end badly?

Let’s all agree that everyone should’ve the same choices, and rights. Do you know what’s also important? Drawing a line in the sand with pedophilia. I don’t understand why some cry over gay marriage approval. Thank God is done with, now we can finally move on! Gay marriage has already worn and divided this land too much.













Enough with the useless debate

Now that this political string-along is out of the way let’s focus on fixing REAL problems like the post-COVID crisis that is coming to affect EVERYONE. Let’s recover our rights to transit, gather, and let’s reopen public parks and beaches. Activities like walking our dogs, playing sports, and getting much-needed vitamin D via sunlight are URGENT, all of these boost your immune system.

They let 22 men play ball (soccer league is back in action), but citizens are 100% restricted. Money controls everything, especially the mongrels in our government. That said, I want to congratulate the labor of our medics and nurses, who’ve done a wonderful job. As of today, our country registers 956 cases, 10 deceased, and 634 recovered. Our country presents a measly 1.04% mortality rate. The mild flu is not worth all this panic.

It’s time to clean the house from corruption, let’s not worry who fucks whom UNLESS is children. What we need to focus on is to remind all tyrannical narcissists that everyone in this land is free and that they work for us. Yes, there is a virus but measures taken are absurd. Other countries that never locked down had similar success rates. Others who locked down tighter had harsher numbers. The death toll seems bloated depending on the political affiliation of the local government and the depths of corruption in the local pharma industry.

THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOUR SAFETY, IT NEVER WAS, IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL. I wasn’t supposed to mention COVID in this piece but it’s all hitting together and we need to set our priorities STRAIGHT.