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"Pelosi Pork" and the Homosexual Lobby


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I couldn't believe it when Pelosi came back with her list of demands.

The Democrats -- led by Nancy Pelosi -- held President Trump's COVID-19 Emergency package hostage to the most grotesque pile of government waste I've ever seen!

In the midst of average Americans fighting illness or loss of income, the Radical Left made sure to line their own pockets before they let Trump help.

And you can be sure the Homosexual Lobby will be after every penny of it they can.

By my rough estimations, as much as two billion dollars could be headed the Homosexual Lobby's way.

This money was meant to help a wounded nation.

But instead it will fund the Kennedy Center -- though not paychecks for the musicians since they were all laid off.

And it's sending $75 million to the National Endowment for the Arts -- because that's certainly an emergency, right?

The NEA typically uses it's funding to pay for "art" that's nothing more than pornographic homosexual depictions and obscene, sadistic and perverse abuse of women and children.

They even made sure to fund more "Drag Queen Story Hours" for little children in our nation's libraries.

The Center for Disease Control already wasted untold millions promoting the homosexual lifestyle as healthy and normal -- of which it is neither.

But now there are hundreds of billions of dollars floating around -- just waiting for the Radical Left to find a wasteful use.

$315 million is being given to the State Department to push the Homosexual Agenda on more countries around the world.

This is the very same State Department that has flown the homosexual flag over our official embassies in order to insult the host nations.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is getting $75 million to fund the normalization of pedophilia through cartoons targeted to children.

There's even $130 million earmarked for free housing for homosexuals with HIV/AIDS.

This is why your Public Advocate filed a Freedom of Information Request with the CDC to uncover just how much was wasted already.

The CDC is refusing to honor our request, so we are forced to fight them in court.

But rest assured, we will win this battle and expose their misdeeds to the American public.

However, the passage of trillions in "Pelosi Pork Spending" means we already have another fight upon us.

Even though Trump has signed the bill which assigns the money to certain programs and departments, the exact manner in which it is spent can still be fixed.

The Homosexual Lobby and their allies made sure that billions are being sent to bureaucrats that consistently promote the Homosexual Agenda.

Bureaucrats they can trust to prioritize Homosexual Agenda programs like promoting "transgender bathrooms" through the Department of Education.

Or conducting another useless medical "study" to determine why some homosexuals are "tops" and others "bottoms."

But it doesn't have to be spent that way.

President Trump and even Congress can still act to stop this money from being wasted on the Homosexual Agenda.

Funding sent to the Department of Education could be redirected from "transgender bathrooms" to promoting Religious Liberty -- and that would still be within the law of the stimulus package.

All it takes is an internal policy shift -- which President Trump can do on his own authority.

We've accomplished so much in the effort to purge the Homosexual Lobby from the Trump Administration.

The Southern Poverty Law Center was ejected from their advisory role in the Department of Justice.

Dr. Ben Carson's HUD has banned transgender men from using battered women's shelters, and rolled back housing privileges for homosexuals.

The Health and Human Services Department has worked to restore common sense and religious liberty to the medical field.

We've proven it can be done, but that doesn't mean the work is done.

There are still untold hordes of holdouts left -- hiding in thousands of dark offices you and I will never hear about.

But President Trump can still direct his people to purge even more policies.

And Congress can still pass additional legislation banning the federal bureaucracy from using this stimulus money to promote the Homosexual Agenda.

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For the Family,


President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. The "Pelosi Pork" Waste is enough to fund more programs than the Homosexual Lobby ever dreamed of!

President Trump and Congress need to act now to forbid the government agencies from spending a cent of this COVID-19 Stimulus on promoting the Homosexual Agenda.

That's why Public Advocate is getting signatures on a new petition to Stop the Waste.

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