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I'll keep it brief, because this is an emergency.



As I write to you, the radical homosexuals in Washington are furiously plotting how best to sway Republicans in Congress to adopt their radical agenda.


They're desperate to regain their grip on Washington, D.C. to ram their perverse agenda into law.


And with the head-start given by the previous Obama administration, they could get their wish!


You and I both know Barack Obama was the most radical president in American history... and he did everything he could to support the radical Homosexual Agenda.


But sadly, he was not their only ally in Washington, D.C.


The previous Democratic majority in the Senate worked doggedly to forward the Gay Bill of Special Rights (H.R. 5 & S. 788), the Erase Real Marriage Act (H.R. 94), and even the Homosexual Classrooms Act.


Even conservative Representatives were being drawn in by the power and deep pockets of the Homosexual Lobby.


But everything changed in 2016.


You see, the Homosexual Lobby is terrified they are going to lose all of their influence to President Trump and the Republican majority in the Senate.


And, my friend, there is nothing more dangerous than a cornered animal...


Right now, the Homosexual Lobby's desperation makes them more dangerous than ever before.


Every man and woman in Congress is under tremendous pressure to throw pro-Family Americans under the bus by abandoning Traditional Values.


And the Homosexual Lobby knows it.


But what terrifies me the most is the glimmer of hope the Homosexual Lobby has now that their anti-Family champion -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi -- has rammed the Gay Bill of Special Rights through the House and vowed to pass their entire radical agenda.


And that's exactly why they are working feverishly to persuade Congress to embrace the Homosexual Agenda.


If they succeed, their entire radical agenda could be passed in the next few months!


That means:

*** The Homosexual Classrooms Act, which would mandate pro-homosexual lessons in EVERY school, even private religious ones;

*** The Gay Bill of Special Rights, which would grant special protections no other Americans have; and

*** The Erase Real Marriage Act, which would erase the terms "husband" and "wife" from all federal documents and replace them with pro-homosexual "genderless" terms.

And now we are playing catch-up in this fight thanks to Barack Obama, a man who had nothing to lose during his final term.



That's why he thanked the radical Homosexual Lobby for their unwavering support by working to grant every wish on their perverse list -- with no regard for the consequences.


In fact, during his final term, Barack Obama:


• Nominated his FIFTH openly homosexual judge to the   federal bench in an effort to stack the courts;


• Publicly endorsed homosexual “marriage” and instructed   the U.S. Solicitor General to ignore his duties by   refusing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, allowing   it to be repealed;


• Enforced the radical “transgender bathroom” agenda in   public schools nationwide; and


• Pushed for passage of the Homosexual Classrooms Act by   dressing it up in anti-bullying rhetoric.


But this was nothing but a trick designed to sweeten the poison pill of the Homosexual Agenda.


I need your help.


The Homosexual Lobby is desperate, and they will do anything to force their radical agenda on every pro-Family American this year.


That's why I hope you'll give an urgent contribution right away.


This gift is urgently needed to protect America's children and families from the Homosexual Lobby.


If we don't stop their depravity now, I fear what will happen to our Nation under God. I am waging a national lobbying campaign against the radical Homosexual Agenda.


But I can't win without you.


If you and I don't maintain the pressure, Public Advocate has brought to bear so far, they will continue their full-scale, covert operation designed to ram every aspect of the Homosexual Agenda into law.


That's why I can't afford for you to delay a single moment.


I hope you'll rush me an urgent contribution right away.


Don't let this opportunity to defend Traditional Values go to waste.


So please, help Public Advocate launch a massive grassroots lobbying campaign by chipping in $10 or $25 today.


If we stand together now for our shared Traditional Values, we can stop the Homosexual Lobby and their entire perverse agenda.


For the Family,


Eugene Delgaudio



President, Public Advocate of the United States


P.S. The Homosexual Lobby is desperate to introduce and pass their agenda into law. This is an emergency.


If we don't act now, they will successfully force every aspect of their perverse agenda on pro-Family Americans this year.


Please send your most generous emergency contribution right away.


*** Public Advocate is a non-profit 501(c)(4) that fights for the Family.  As such, we do not endorse or oppose any candidate for office.



Contributions or gifts to Public Advocate of the U.S. are not tax-deductible.  Public Advocate is a non-profit organization that fights the radical agenda of the Homosexual Lobby.  Public Advocate receives no government funds.  You may reach us at: Public Advocate, P.O. Box 1360, Merrifield, VA 22116; phone (703) 845-1808;