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Investigation of Sex Abuse at Michigan State University Leads to Discovery That, Among American Elitists, Pedophilia Is Systemic

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Aly Raisman, Wiki
Dr. Larry Nassar, an osteopathic doctor at Michigan State University who was the USA Gymnastics national-team doctor, was accused of molesting 250 underage girls, including a number of well-known Olympic gymnasts dating as far back as 1992. He was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison and 40 to 175 years in state prison. Michigan State students and staffers in its basketball and football programs also have faced accusations of rape. The scandal at Michigan State University is similar to the Jerry Sandusky pedophile scandal at Penn State, as it is a systemic problem in schools that is covered up and protected by the institutions.

This report makes the case that the sordid history of sex abuse and cover up by top officials in sports, entertainment, and politics are not merely occasional events involving a small number of people, but now are systemic among the elite class in many walks of life. [Although it is not mentioned it in this report, there is evidence that those who seek influence over national and international leaders operate pedophilia rings in high places mainly as recruiting pools from which to select new leaders. By doing so, the threat of public exposure can be used as a means of guaranteeing loyalty and obedience. In other words, sexual deviants are deliberately recruited for leadership positions in society so they can be controlled.] -GEG