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Airport police officer arrested for child rape, incest

Jeff Humphrey,

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FW:  Aug. 14, 2014

(July, 2014)

SPOKANE, Wash. -

A Spokane International Airport police officer has been arrested for first degree rape of a child and incest.

Jesus Richard Guerrero, 49, was taken into custody Monday evening and made his first court appearance Tuesday.

On Monday, a woman reported to Spokane police that several minor family members had told her they had been raped by Guerrero, an airport police officer. Police contacted the mother of the children, who advised she had looked at one of her daughter's social media and the girl, who has a significant learning disability and functions well below her age, had told another person that she had just been raped.

When the mother of the girl confronted her daughter about what she had written, her other daughter was presented and she broke down crying and said that she had been raped as well.

The older girl claimed that Guerrero raped her several times a week since she was nine years old, that it had become “routine” for him to do so, and the last time it had happened was last Saturday. She also told police when she was younger Guerrero had allegedly taken nude pictures of her. The girl, when asked how many times she had been raped by Guerrero, started crying hysterically, saying it was “in the hundreds.” The girl was extremely upset and blamed herself for Guerrero assaulting her younger sister.

The younger sister told police he had first touched her inappropriately when she was six or seven years old and he had raped her for the first time last Saturday, telling her to keep what happened a secret, threatening her by telling her she didn't want to lose her phone, implying he would take it away from her.

When Guerrero arrived at the home a few hours later, officers were still at the residence and spoke with him, telling him they were conducting a rape investigation. As the officers were speaking with the victims, the older one received a text message from Guerrero, standing outside the home, that said, “Why.” Police saw the text message, saw that Guerrero was texting on his phone, and seized his phone as evidence.

Police officers asked Guerrero to come with them for questioning by detectives, and he went willingly but invoked his right to remain silent and asked for an attorney before they could question him. He was booked into the Spokane County Jail on child rape and incest charges.

Airport spokesman Todd Woodard said in an e-mail Wednesday morning that Guerrero was a part-time reserve commissioned officer at the airport, and had been employed there since 2002. Woodard said that after criminal charges were filed against Guerrero he was suspended from the department without pay.

Guerrero is being held in the Spokane County Jail in lieu of a $250,000 bond.