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Bill Shorten arrested and interviewed by sexual crimes squad regarding alleged rape of 16-yr-old girl (AU)

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FW:  Juy 5, 2014

Bill Shorten was arrested and interviewed by Victoria police regarding an allegation that he raped a 16-year-old girl in 1986. I have been told that it happened on or around the 28th March 2014. I only found out a few days ago about the arrest although I have known about the investigation since last year. It is a bit like the Australian Rules player Majak Daw who the media has only reported in the last few days as being accused of rape even though he was arrested in May. 

I have spoken to the Victoria Police yesterday in relation to the Bill Shorten investigation and they have given me the standard line that “The investigation is ongoing and we’re not prepared to provide a running commentary or comment on whether anyone’s been interviewed.” (Click here to read my last 2 emails to the Victoria Police - I have taken the names and email addresses out for privacy reasons.)

I have previously written it was first reported in The Australian in November last year that “A Senior Labor figure is under investigation by Victoria Police after it was alleged he raped a teenager at an event organised by the party’s youth wing in the 1980s.” (Click here to read more)

Plibersek and Abbott were interviewed and said: “THE deputy leader of the federal Labor Party, Tanya Plibersek, has said she fully supports the police investigation of a senior party figure after it was alleged the man raped a teenager at a holiday complex during the 1980s.” and “Tony Abbott has also said he supports the police investigation. “If something has happened, let it be looked into and treated as it should be by the relevant authorities,” the Prime Minister told Melbourne radio station 3AW yesterday.” (Click here to read more) As you would expect Bill Shorten was not interviewed.

I investigated and published three articles:

1. 29th November 2013 – “Bill Shorten accused of raping 16-year-old girl in 1986. Victorian police are investigating” (Click here to read the post)

2. 11th December 2013 – “Bill Shorten refuses to answer media questions regarding alleged rape of 16-year-old girl” (Click here to read the post)

3. 9th February 2014 – Bill Shorten and the Victoria Police rape investigation. Do we have a right to know?” (Click here to read the post

As I said I found out a few days ago that Bill Shorten had been arrested and interviewed on or around the 28th of March so it was time for a follow-up. Everyone is staying silent but they cannot stay that way forever. Even though they’re silent no one is denying anything which is not a good look for Mr Shorten. I am told that the police still have a few more people to interview.

I sent an email to the Prime Minister’s office on Tuesday with a few questions (Click here to read) and have not had a response even though I made a follow-up call yesterday. I also emailed Bill Shorten’s Media Director Ms Gardiner yesterday (Click here to read) and have not had a response. In all fairness Ms Gardiner did not have much time to respond. But I did ask her verbally if Bill Shorten had been interviewed by police and she said I had to put the question in an email but the tone of her voice told the story. If I do get a response I will add it to this post but the previous email I sent last year with questions for Mr Shorten he refused to respond so I am not holding my breath.

How low will Bill go?

I was on Twitter yesterday and was called a paedophile by Bill Shorten’s mate Andrew Landeryou which he deleted. I was not the only one to be called a paedo by Landeryou as apparently if you do not vote Labor you are a paedophile according to Bill’s mate Andrew Landeryou. So that’s Labor’s new tactic. Obviously Bill’s got a lot of problems as he has been named at the Trade Union Royal Commission numerous times and he has to somehow try to conceal the rape investigation from the Australian public. But stooping that low and telling lies about people will not help Bill’s cause.

It is not the first time a Labor Party boy has used this tactic. Remember Labor barrister Julian Burnside tweeted in 2011 that Tony Abbott was a “Paedos in speedos”. (Click here to read more)

Mr Landeryou and his wife Kimberley Kitching who are both good friends of Bill Shorten are well-known for their smear tactics. So much so that when Kimberley ran for Labor Party pre-selection last year in Julia Gillard’s old seat of Lalor other candidates were scared off. It said in the Melbourne paper The Age last year where it quoted Stephen Mayne:

“He said Kitching had co-ordinated a “disgracefully negative campaign” on behalf of lord mayoral candidate Peter McMullin in 2008. And he said that quality Labor women were reluctant to nominate in Lalor “because they fear the smear that always tends to follow the Landeryou-Kitching duo around”.” (Click here to read more)

You can read previous posts about Landeryou and Kitching looting the HSU on this site. (Two being here and here)

I have to wonder if Andrew Landeryou is part of Bill’s plans to avoid the rape investigation being made public. The attack the messenger strategy is not a great one except when you have nothing else and the truth is not an option as it rarely is with Mr Shorten. The reality is that Bill Shorten has so many skeletons in the closet it is just a matter of which one will bring him down. But Mr Shorten will not be going down without a fight so watch out people and watch the mud and lies fly.

Back to the Aussie Rules player Majak Daw. The police have not named him but the media have. It said on the Channel 9 site:

“Sexual crimes squad detectives arrested and interviewed a 23-year-old Wyndham Vale man on May 25, in relation to a sexual assault in Altona North in 2007, Victoria Police said in a statement.”

“He has been released pending further inquiries. Police would not identify the man, but the Seven Network has named him as Daw.” (Click here to read more)

The old media think an AFL player being investigated, arrested and questioned for rape is of national importance so they name him. But they do not think that Bill Shorten the leader of the opposition being investigated, arrested and questioned for rape is important enough to name him. Makes you wonder and supports what I wrote in the last post about Channel 7 and them concealing the crime of the Labor Party.