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Patrick and Anne:  Need to take care of this problem. I'm so stressed right now I'm not properly functioning.  This is the newest.  Moving doesn't help, shit follows me.  I also went to the bank, got a little money out to help keep your site open for you but also so you can prepare.  Not much but I want to.  Then some man hit the bumper of my car, hit and run, I got his license plate, another to add to the list, I only have limited car insurance.   Also suspicious, phone call, from an insurance company saying I contacted them for an insurance policy, which I did not.  I didn't tell her but asked her to call back today, I wanted more info and didn't want to scare her off which has happened before.  Appears to me instigated by neighbor due to the past (below), murder me and somebody collects on an insurance policy.  Now I'm trying to get info to all insurance companies, see below.  Also found my from IRS salary forms I requested from them, so I could file my taxes, again stolen.  I had tried to lock up but nothing I do works, I had locked up where some of my food is stored in the kitchen where I have a chain and locks to secure when I'm sleeping or gone.  I have had abuse since birth, literally, why I never answered you when you questioned my past.  I visualize these crooks arrested but I realize the corruption.  Stop the Crime, Tavares (sp?),  found out that criminals to have full reign is part of the NWO plan.  Also told prior, during the divorce. black magic done against me by Kim, X's wife, that I would constantly fail, I tried to get it removed prior but strange happened, a subject I never believed in.  James had given me words to say and sage, to remove it, but crook stole the sage+, I waited to long.  Mount video saying Trump has cancer.  Patrick, hope you are healed.  Love, Melody
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Sent: Monday, April 20, 2020, 7:57:02 PM MDT
Subject: Contact Info Needed
I need your help, contact info, please.  Various.

The most recent, to add to a long list, it appears I'm to be murdered and a false insurance policy made with my neighbors, Othal Ray and Kathleen Cox (or corrupt friends or alias of theirs+) to be the beneficiary.  I received a call April 17, the woman asking for info from me re the policy request, and I asked her to call me back today, April 20, 2020,  but no phone call. My prior caller ID had prior been removed and other more serious prior communication problems.  They appear to be professional criminals but don't look or act the part around other people.  I say them because of numerous other problems I can prove if allowed a proper investigation and I have seen my belongings at their property but PD protect them putting me at harm..  I also have other types of evidence against them that is suspicious. 

 I did not have paper/pen near me and late getting somewhere I needed to go, asked the woman to call me back, did not let her know anything due to past experience whereas trying to get a prior evidence I think the person did not want to get involved.  I have had other various attempts against me, ex my food poisoned, harm to me set-ups, and mass amount of burglaries, including other identity theft calls and missing paperwork.  No matter what I do, I fail.  I swear to God, I'm telling the truth and afraid of being murdered.  The police here in Colorado Springs will not properly investigate what has happened against me and after trying prior and what happened. I don't call and don't trust. One officer told me I would not get help from that dept and to file a higher complaint against the dept.  I found numerous complaints re them but controlled where the city uses them to make revenue and investigating crimes costs them money so they only do it limited.  I was told some of their grant money goes into a slush fund but I can't prove, heresay, found out when I first moved here and I found many locals rarely call the PD saying they don't help or that the jails are too full and they don't have space.  This is extremely simplified.  My rights have been violated year after year, 2 of my animals I believe murdered, attempts against me, massive and constantly robbed and my property destroyed, identify theft, no rights and I can't afford an attorney, now this.

I want to contact a person(s) in charge, who can give me contact info, to stop what may be a murder of me, then appears next door neighbors collect the insurance policy .  This is a crime happening now so I don't think the insurance claim paperwork has had a chance to be completed yet. 

They prior stole my deed to my house but got back after PD notified, stole, my SS card (a duplicate metal hard copy I prior had made), my hospital birth certificate, bills including my phone bill and my extra phones giving them access to listen in to land line phone calls or make calls using my phone number, prior tax info and I just found out where I contacted IRS and got copies so I could take care of the problem.  The telephone company, tech dept person for Century Link, my phone and computer service, verified another was also on my computer line at the time I called and I was having computer problems making me suspicious. I'm concerned they are using my phone and computer for illegals but customer service said I was not able to get a list of phone calls out under my service.  I just found out today, 4/20, that info I had requested from IRS, has also again been stolen.  My income on SS is so low I don't think any IRS problem but need again, ie also need IRS direct to a person phone number again, also.   They have destroyed burgular protection devices I've attempted except a no key dead bolt but they know how to break into the windows with locks and dowels.  They stole my deceased Dad's WW 2, 45 pistol and I'm unable to get the serial number from the gov due to a fire that had those records and CA State Attorney General office only has record of his 44 that I don't have, other copy of serial number may also be gone, mass robberies, most boxes in garage now stolen that had my for the house items. 

Again,these thieves and I strongly believe are also murderers from past experience and other evidence, may be using this stolen info for the fraudulent insurance policy.  There are so many insurance companies I have no idea how to contact or how to stop this type of crime  She called it a rated life insurance policy.  She gave me her and company name but I had just gotten out of the bathroom, trying to get ready to leave, ex to the bank, and thought she would call back but she didn't.  She had my personal information asking by name if it was me, verification of my address, saying the call may be recorded or was recorded.  I have no money for a lawyer.  I'm hoping to get evidence together and find one that will freely help me.  Between time need insurance contact, there has to be a gov official(s) in charge. 

Also need direct IRS number again to get back income info, what again was stolen from me that IRS did send so I could file, but crook found and stole.  They have been stealing from me every year this info.  My income is so low I don't think I owe anything.  One prior phone call  appears crooks tried to take a loan from the check cashing group using my identity.  I was able to get the credit co names contact list but that was also stolen, newer person at my bank doesn't have.  I don't do online banking or charges using my computer.  Who are the credit reporting companies and what is their write to them addresses to see if my identity theft has been used by the Cox's saying it's me.
You have permission to give out this e-mail.  I want this 12 year hell to stop. 

Please help.

Melody L. Henriksen

P.O. Box 75153   Colorado Springs, CO  80970  (For mail, Home mail gets robbed constantly)
1757 Sawyer Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80915
Phone 719-591-8903 (e-mail or mail best)