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Kevin Annett: Modern Day Concentration Camp Investigation May 12, 2015

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May 13, 201 5

Kevin Annett and Alexandra Meadors review and provide a detailed account of an investigation in 2011 and 2012 in Brantford, Ontario with the purpose of uncovering forensic evidence of children buried at the oldest Indian residential school in Canada. This school was established by The Crown and The State in 1832 and unfortunately was not shut down until 1970. In approximately 140 years,over 50,000 children are still missing.

According to one testimony, only the slaves or the sellouts survived this sort of school! We have had so many interviews regarding this topic but this particular review is solely focused on the unfolding of this investigation and the sabotage campaign he experienced. You should learn some new pieces of information as to how the Catholic Church and Nazi Germany go hand in hand.

Kevin also discusses that under The Indian Act, aboriginal children are still wards of the state and used to be tested for mind control techniques, sexual trafficking and pornography, and of course oppression and torture which align with this sort of activity.