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When the Worst Law-breakers are Those Entrusted to Uphold the Law

Ruth Hull

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May 29, 2014

Gotten used to your vote not making a difference? What if your vote determined whether your kids would be raped or killed or whether, when reporting a crime, you are imprisoned for no reason? What if judges and top cops are also the top law-breakers?

The problem is not specific to Pennsylvania. California has become known as the human trafficking and child rape capital of the nation. Observers and researchers are blaming unethical judges and district attorneys. Some of the prominent ones that are being blamed for the corruption are listed below. The following is a recounting of information that could be looked up by any voter who takes the time to check past newspapers, web articles and appellate cases. The reason for voters’ remorse is usually that voters simply don’t think their votes count. The voters in Pennsylvania in the videos presented found that their votes did count – counted towards their children being sold to private industry or winding up dead. Is your kids life worth checking on the people for whom you vote?