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NUKE SHOWDOWN Russia threatens to wipe out the entire US with just four Satan II missiles in chilling warning over Ukraine

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Russia threatens to wipe out the entire US with just four Satan II missiles in chilling warning over Ukraine

A chilling moment on Russian state TV on Monday saw hosts issue the latest in a long line of threats, this time warning Putin could "destroy the entire east cost of the US" with just two missiles.

In footage from Russia's flagship propaganda show, a member of Russia's parliament boasts about the nation's military might, before also labelling 2 million Ukrainians as "incurable."

Sarmat missile test launch on April 20, 2022.
Sarmat missile test launch on April 20, 2022.Credit: East2West

The politician, Alexie Zhuravlev, was joined on the talk show by fellow MP and Russian-state mouthpiece Yevgeny Popov, the host of the Rossiya 1 channel show.

The lawmaker claimed that two of Russia's Sarmat 'Satan 2' missiles would destroy the entirety of America's east coast - before adding it would take just "two missiles for the west coast" as well.

"Four missiles and there'll be nothing left.

"They think the mushroom cloud will be taller than a high rise. That mushroom cloud will be visible from Mexico" said Zhuravlev.

Standing at the colossal height of a 14-storey tower block, the 208 ton RS-28 Sarmat missile, also known as the 'Satan 2', is capable of striking targets at almost 16,000mph.

The world-ending nuke can also carry 15 warheads and has the potential to obliterate an area the size of the UK in a single blast.

Putin-cronies have claimed the Russian military could have as many as 50 Sarmat missiles in their arsenal, and have even bizarrely threatened to use them to drown the UK in a radioactive tsunami.

Each of the Sarmat missile's 15 nuclear warheads are over 100 times more powerful than the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima in World War 2.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has also said that his Satan 2 missiles "can break through all modern anti-missile defences."

However, while these kinds of threats have become increasingly common on Russian propaganda shows since the invasion of Ukraine, the risk of mutually assured destruction undercuts much of the danger.

As well as threatening to wipe out the United States with their nuclear capabilities, the unsettling conversation also covered the crisis in Ukraine, as the hosts repeated the 'nazification' theme of Russia's invasion.

Describing them as "incurable," Zhuralev stated that two million Ukrainians should "be de-nazified, which means to be destroyed."