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Government War Us - Russia

SORCHA FAAL: West Terrified Because Majority Of Mankind Is Non-White And Supports Russia

SOTN: EMPIRE OF LIES Determined to Perpetrate Provocative False Flag Attack in Ukraine to Justify NATO Intervention


SORCHA FAAL: America Moves “Beyond Red Line” With Mysterious Deadly “Capsule Attack” Against Russia

SORCHA FAAL: ussia Issues “Final Warning” To Biden As It Readies Trials For Captured NATO Troops

SORCHA FAAL: New Warning Issued: “The West Will Die Unless We Change What We’re Doing Very Fast”

SORCHA FAAL: Russia Tells Europeans To “Sober Up From American Bourbon” As Sanctions Backfire

Why And How Russia Can Win A Nuclear War Against The US As Laid Out By A Former Top CIA Analyst

SOTN: US tells citizens in Russia and Ukraine to leave immediately

The real US-Russian connection looks like this

SOTN: West’s Global Political and Economic Dominance Ends – Putin

Soros Worries About Putin-Xi Partnership, Hopes They Can Be Stopped 'Before They Destroy Our (Zionist Bolshevik) Civilization'

Putin Signs Law To Seize Foreign Aircraft Amid Crippling Sanctions

We want Alaska back from U.S., says Russian lawmaker

Russia Imposes Retaliatory Sanctions on Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden

SORCAH FAAL: “Buckle Up, Folks!” Warning Issued To Americans Biden Will Starve To Defend West

SOTN: HUGE Intel Drop by Russian Insiders—MUST READ!

SORCHA FAAL: Western Colonialists Wage War Against Russia To Prove Unicorns Exist

SORCHA FAAL: Putin Warns Racist West: “Now Listen To This-The Donbass People Are NOT Stray Dogs!”

Russia Describes "Hot War" With West To Settle "Post-Soviet Space" Once & For All; Zelensky Urges Direct Putin Meeting