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Hal Turner

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I am receiving multiple reports that an enormous force of 250,000 Chinese troops, are arriving in Canada with heavy equipment and even nuclear capability, for a physical land invasion of the United States.

I am receiving additional - and multiple - reports that ALL US Military members, including reservists, are being urgently called, told to "drop whatever you're doing" and report for duty.

The shear number of such emergency call-ups seems staggering; reports are coming in from all over the country about these call-ups.

I cannot get ANY confirmation whatsoever from any source in government about any of this.  

I do NOT have confirmation about any mass of Chinese troops arriving anywhere in CANADA, but given the shear volume of these reports, and the wide geographic area from which they are coming in, I am CHOOSING to tell all of you.

What I am receiving, in addition to emails and phone calls, are things similar to this:

Called to duty at 0400 1 10 2021

Commanding Officer Reported Chinese Military Preparing For Invasion On The Continental US

US Military High Alert As Intel Reports Hundreds To Thousands Of Chinese Paratroopers And Chinese Military Equipment Arrives In Canada At 2300 hours 1 9 2021

Recon Shows Equipment Is Used In Invasions some heavy equipment nuclear capability

Americans Civilians Need To Prepare Seek Shelter Do Not Engaged The Invaders Let US Military Who Are Trained And Better Equipment To Deal With Them. Obey All Orders Given By The Emergency Broadcast System. Do not engaged let us military deal with the invaders.

THis last message struck me as deliberate DIS-info.   No rational person would tell Americans to hide while our country is invaded.  American citizens are the most heavily armed populace on earth.

My advice is simple: If you see armed troops from a foreign army coming into this country en masse:

1) Get the word out fast, AND;

2) Tell as many locals as you can to grab their guns and meet-up at (insert location here), AND;

3) Engage them by ambush attack.  Shoot. Shoot first. Shoot to kill.

Armed, foreign, military troops are to be engaged and destroyed everywhere they are encountered inside the USA.

Further details if they become available.