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Government War Us - China

China threatening a 'second Battle of Guadalcanal'

Does the US Want War with China?

China Starts More Military Drills in Response to Latest Congressional Delegation to Taiwan

Taiwan chip giant warns against global supply devastation if China attacks

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Online footage shows China amassing military

SORCHA FAAL: China Combat Alert Joins “Nuclear Annihilation One Miscalculation Away” Global Warning

China Vows ‘Targeted Military Actions’, Including Live Fire Drills Around Taiwan, As Pelosi Stays Overnight

Chinese Military Releases Fierce War Video Ahead Of Pelosi's Expected Taiwan Visit

WATCH: Chinese warplanes, ships taunting Taiwan as Pelosi arrives

The Hawks Are Awfully Sheepish on China.

China develops 'brain control weapons' for future wars

SORCAH FAAL: China Prepares For War Against “Lord Voldemort” With Daily “Bombing” Of America


The Liberty Man John Moore joins Mike Adams to reveal China's GENOCIDAL plans to wipe out the American people

SORCHA FAAL: Biden Blinks On War With Russia—Shifts War Crazed Gaze To China And Iran

‘They Will Monetize Everything’: Experts Highlight How Beijing Has Turned Rights Abuses Into an Industry

SORCHA FAAL: China Targets Alaska With Earthquake Weapon After Pentagon Suffers Devastating Losses In Classified Wargames

Xi Jinping Claims China a ‘Moderately-Prosperous Society,’ Contradicting CCP Premier Li Keqiang

SORCHA FAAL: China Warned “Will Shake The World” As America Begins “Century Of Humiliation”