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Ukrainian Parliament Votes to Give Themselves a Raise thanks to US Taxpayers – As Country Bans Free Speech and Targets ‘Information Terrorists’

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Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on parliamentary raises

The Ukrainian parliament just voted to give themselves a raise.

The unanimous vote passed on July 22 just four days after it was submitted.

The Biden family has a long history of business and kickbacks with the Ukrainians. reported:

In July, members of the Ukrainian parliament decided to increase their salaries by 70 percent. It is unclear whether these additional government expenditures will be covered by international financial aid for the military.

Instead of 28,800 hryvnia as before, the “servants of the people”, as Vladimir Zelensky’s party is called, now earn 49,600 hryvnia per month. Since July 15, the hryvnia fell from 0.33 euros to 0.026 euros per hryvnia. This currently corresponds to around 1,300 euros. According to Overton Magazine, it was officially emphasized that

“that no additional funds from the state budget or funds from international partners are used for this”.

However, after Decree 7561 “Additionals to the salary of deputies are used from the state budget, which includes international financial aid”.

The Ukrainian government cracked down on free speech again this week by identifying and targeting the “information terrorists” in the country.


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