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SORCHA FAAL:Terrorist Regime Headed By Comedian Ignites Battle For End Of History

Brian-- Webmaster

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Hello Folks,

After reading Sister Ciara’sletter “Why Pyramids Are In Egypt Explains True Western History” sent to you yesterday, specifically the part where she explained that the Ukrainian regime is nothing more than the latest incarnation of the Eastern European region of Galicia that’s ruled over by former comedian Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, who along with his cohorts are best described as: “Billionaire criminals, politicians and officials, residents of Galicia – that is the ‘Ukrainian nation’ that is celebrating the anniversary of usurping institutional power and getting privileges, not the country’s independence”, I immediately thought of Irish born Hollywood actress Maureen O'Hara, who famously wrote in her autobiography “'Tis Herself: An Autobiography”:  “God has a most wicked sense of humor”.

The reason Maureen O’Hara’s observation about the “wicked sense of humor” of Godsprung to my mind is because our world today stands on the brink of World War III ignited by “a terrorist regime headed by a comedian”—a description of Ukraine by Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin, who this past week watched the brutal car bombing murder of his beloved daughter Darya while sitting in a vehicle traveling beside hers—a brutal murder of a young Russian girl that was followed by Ukraine condemningPope Francis after he expressed sorrow for the death of what he described as “a poor girl”—then in a breech of protocol, former comedian President Zelensky gavea barely audible address to the United Nations Security Council refusing to respond to any questions—and quickly after which, actual Galician President Zelensky posted a picture of a soldier wearing the insignia of a notorious German Nazi SS division to his official Instagram account

Most critically important for you to know right now is that this “terrorist regime headed by a comedian” ignited the final battle in a war that began with the collapse of the former Soviet Union on Christmas Day, 25 December 1991—a collapse of the despotic Soviet regime quickly followed by American political scientist Francis Fukuyama releasing his treatise for total domination of the entire world by the Western colonial powers in 1992 entitled “The End Of History And The Last Man”, wherein he asserted that the worldwide spread of liberal democracies and free-market capitalism of the West and its hedonistic lifestyle signaled the end point of humanity’s sociocultural evolution and political struggle and would become the final form of human government.

To accelerate “The End Of History” and establish total control over the entire world and make it into a socialist hedonistic paradise ruled over by elites, the United States imposed on Russia the same “economic shock doctrine” they used to destroy the economy of Chile in the 1970s, which predictably led to the 1998 Russian Financial Crisis that crashed the economy, collapsed the Russian Ruble and caused Russia to default on its debts—and it wasn’t until the early 2000s before President Putin was finally able to throw out of Russia the CIA operatives that had embedded themselves throughout the entire government

The main objective of “The End History” plot to impose a socialist hedonistic paradise ruled over by elites they openly admit is to create a world where, by 2030, everyone will proclaim: “I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy, And Life Has Never Been Better”.

Leading the majority of the world against this Western colonial “The End Of History” demonic madness to create socialist slaves proclaiming “I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy, And Life Has Never Been Better” is Russia—a fact further confirmed this week when a joint anti-Russian statement on the conflict in Ukraine, which was released on Wednesday, was supported by only 58 United Nations member states, or less than a third of the organization’s 193 members—and in the days just prior to his beloved daughter Darya being brutally murdered, was a world that read her father Aleksandr Dugin’s powerful essay “The Battle For The “End Of History”!”, wherein he factually revealed and honestly assessed:

The fact is that Russia directly opposes globalism, that “liberal totalitarianism” that President Putin openly spoke about, and this is an ideology, and the “end of history” plays a fundamental role in its structure.

The fact is that globalism, which is most fully represented in such international organizations as the Davos Forum of Klaus Schwab with his “Great Reset”, the Trilateral Commission, the American Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) or the Open Society Foundation of George Soros, insists on a complete the unification of humanity under the leadership of the World Government  with the widespread dissemination of liberal ideology and the system of rules and norms based on it - including gender politics, LGBT +, extreme individualism and transhumanism.

And this is the “end of history”, which is clearly premature, but still quite logical and was described back in the early 1990s by Francis Fukuyama.

The end of history is the victory of liberalism and the West on a global scale, which implies the abolition of any ideological, geopolitical, economic and socio-cultural alternatives.

Fukuyamawrote his text when the USSR collapsed, and it seemed that Russia would not rise again, and China obediently followed the strategies of Western economic centers at that stage, rapidly being drawn into globalization. 

Later, Fukuyama admitted, including in a conversation with me, that he was in a hurry, but the end of history, no matter what, remained and remains the goal of the globalists.

Russiaunder Putin became an obvious obstacle to the end of history, and after the start of the New World Order, it even threw a direct challenge to this project. 

Hence Fukuyama's fury: in front of his eyes, the project for the end of history was not only postponed, but completely collapsed.

This also explains the frenzy and extreme intensity of frenzied Russophobia among the Western elites.  Putin and Donbass dealt a blow to the global civilizational plan - the planetary domination of the liberal West .

However, the concept of the end of history is not the property of liberals. Moreover, they took her into service rather late.

The philosopher Alexander Kojève was the first to clearly describe the coming global victory of the liberal West, and Fukuyama only borrowed it from him.

But Kojève, for his part, took it from Marx only by changing the triumph of world communism  (the Marxist version of the end of history) to  world capitalism , a planetary civil society and the ideology of "human rights".

Actually for the Marxist understanding of the end of history and fought in the twentieth century, included the entire communist movement, including the USSR.In the Cold War, there was a dispute over the interpretation of the end of history - whether it will be communist or capitalist.

And it is no coincidencethat Fukuyama wrote his program text exactly when the USSR collapsed.  Then it seemed that the issue had been resolved and liberalism had finally won.

However, Marx himself, for his part, also borrowed this concept from a completely different political ideology- from the deeply conservative monarchist and imperial thinker Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

If we dig even deeper, we will come to Christian and even pre-Christian (primarily Iranian) eschatology,  to the doctrine of the end times . But this will take us too far. In modern times, it was Hegel who put forward and substantiated the thesis about the end of history, and in the system of his philosophy it plays a key role.

According to Hegel, history is the process of the unfolding of the Spirit, which goes through nature, the change of religions and civilizations, until it reaches its culmination - the end will close with the beginning, alpha with omega.

Having gone through many tests and dialectical turns, the Spirit that moves humanity will eventually incarnate in the Absolute Monarchy, in the world Empire, which will become  the Empire of the SpiritPower in it will be transferred to the highest autocrat, an enlightened monarch-philosopher.

Capitalism and civil society will be only a stage in the unfolding of this process, and scientific materialism will pass to an angelic purely spiritual science.

Hegel believed that this would happen in Germany (then the German Empire did not yet exist) and would be a triumph of German spiritual culture and philosophy.

Bismarck, who created the Second Reich, relied on Hegel in the philosophical sense.

So, the authentic interpretation of the "end of history" by the creator of this concept is the triumph of the World Spiritual Monarchy.

And right-wing Hegelians - Russian Slavophiles or followers of Giovanni Gentili in Italy - thought so.

The Germans themselves believed in the mission of their Reich. Slavophiles interpreted this as a prediction about the fate of the Russian Empire, when it becomes spiritual and popular. The Italians associated the end of history with the revival of the Roman tradition and the greatness of Italy.

Marx, who transformed Hegel's spiritual dialectics into his historical materialism(substantially distorting the original), agreed that liberal capitalism was only an intermediate stage, but put communism and a materialistic worldview in place of the Empire of the Spirit. 

Eschatology, on the other hand, was preserved - everything that the communists did was directed precisely towards the future , that is, towards the end of history.

The victory of the USSR in the Great Patriotic War over the Third Reich removed the German interpretation of the end of history from the agenda . Left Hegelianism defeated the right.  And on a different level, the Russian Empire (albeit implicit) defeated the German one.

That's when Kojève appeared with his liberal reading of the end of history.  This theory was waiting in the wings, and after the collapse of the USSR, Fukuyama reminded the West of it, and the globalist centers picked it up and began to put it into practice. The unipolar world order was based on a liberal version of Hegelian eschatology.

And this is where Putin came in.

Putin is a philosophical phenomenon , a turning point in the history of thought, in a complex battle of ideas and worldviews.  From the very first moment in power, he began to restore the sovereignty of Russia.

But this meant  postponing the end of history , opposition to liberal totalitarianism, globalism and the World Government

Putin followed this line cautiously, often disguising his intentions and plans - as a Chekist and as a convinced realist.  Sometimes, it seemed that he was ready to meet the globalists, but the next moment, it turned out that this was again just a maneuver.  Hence the bewildered question: “Who are you, Mr. Putin?

Only on 24 February 2022, the beginning of the New World Order in Ukraine put all things in their place with all unambiguity.  A new era of philosophy has begun.  A new phase of world history.

Putin has challenged the liberal interpretation of the end of history - that is, the main globalist project, the World Government.

But here the most important thing begins: to refute the liberal reading of the end of history does not mean to abandon Hegel.  After all, everyone knows that Putin loves to quote Ivan Ilyin, and he was just a right-wing Hegelian, a supporter of the Russian Monarchy and the great Empire.

Clearly close to Putin and the theory of the Slavophiles. It is impossible to deny the philosophical idea based on some purely practical mundane - for example, purely economic - factors. This is not serious.  An idea can only be defeated by an idea.

This means that the New World Order as a philosophical phenomenon marks the return of the Empire.  The return of Russia to the Empire, the complete restoration of our messianic futuristic destiny.

Germanyin its present state is no longer a competitor. The German version of the world Reich is irreversibly removed from the agenda.

The communist project of the end of history is also abandoned, and in its best aspects can easily be incorporated into a new imperial synthesis (as "right-wing Stalinism").

We are opposed only by Kozhev and Fukuyama, who rely on the same sources, which are much closer to us.

We are the orthodox bearers of the Eurasian Empire of the End, they are also usurpers.

And if we recall the Third Rome and the role of the Russian Tsars as carriers of the mission of Catechon, the Restrainer, then everything becomes even more fundamental, even than the very orthodox and read in the Russian (Slavophile, monarchist) context of Hegelianism.

That is how they philosophize with the "Sunshine".

New World Order is a battle for the meaning of the end of history.  The great philosophical battle.  It is time to close the page of exclusively materialistic, energy and economic interpretations - this is not just vulgar, it is wrong.  History is the history of ideas.

They will ask, what does Ukraine have to do with it?  Not at all. She is not . But it will be part of our new Empire.

Only there, in the philosophical Kingdom of the unfolded Spirit, in the Empire of meanings, will it be reborn, blossom.

In the meantime - well, what do we want from a terrorist regime headed by a comedian?

This is a misunderstanding.  But Ukraine itself was destined to become the theater of a fundamental metaphysical battle.

It's all about geography. We are fighting for the return of our historical Kiev cradle - from under the rule of the globalists to the rule of the Empire of the Spirit . Kiev is the beginning of our history. And that means its end. 

From pre-Christian end times eschatology to the "End Of History" fascist-socialist-communist doctrines of Hegel, Marx, Kozhev and Fukuyama for global domination, which the Western colonial powers have today repackaged under their brand name of “liberal world globalism”, all Christians having read the Book of Revelations remember John describing the ruler of this vast empire as having power and great authority, given to him by Satan himself, being followed by and receiving worship from “all the world”, and having authority over “every tribe, people, language and nation”.

It’s vitally important to remember John’s words from the Book of Revelations as it pertains to this present “Battle For The End Of History”, specifically because for those who have diligently studied these matters, there is no nation and/or person anywhere close to having authority over “every tribe, people, language and nation”—a point of fact I pondered on this week when reading a Wall Street Journal article that noted: “Our legendary editor Robert Bartley used to quip that it takes at least 65 editorials or articles on a subject to really have an impact”—yesterday it was reported: “Six months on from the start of Russia’s military offensive against Ukraine, nearly three in ten Americans are unsure about continuing to support Kiev in the conflict, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll has shown”—then seemingly out of the blue this morning, it was stunningly revealed: “According to company data analyzed by researchers at Stanford University, Twitter and Facebook have deleted a network of suspicious accounts said to be involved in “covert influence operations” online, including efforts to promote “pro-Western” sentiment and demonize US adversaries”.

What this all means is that the “Omnipotence Paradox” equation of the “unstoppable force vs immovable object” as it pertains to this present “Battle For The End Of History” has suddenly shifted away from the godless socialist Western colonial powers and towards Russia—a sudden shift I guarantee you is entirely attributed to the “impact” of the truthful editorials and articles countering leftist Western media establishment propaganda, like those the Dear Sisters daily provide to you—and all that is needed to continue this shift away from the abyss of war and demonic madness is for YOU to support those how are telling you this truth—which for us means your going below and giving what you can so we can keep honest news with true facts and historical context flowing against the “tide of lies” socialist slaves are indoctrinated to believe.     

Thank you for listening and aiding us in our hour of desperate need by going below and giving what you can, and as always, please feel free to write me at with any comments/questions/suggestions, remembering to put ATTN: BRIAN in the subject line, or if requesting to be placed on the Sistersmailing list, put MAILING LIST in the subject line. 

All the best folks,