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“Terrorists are attacking and burning down churches across Canada with impunity.”

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45 churches engulfed or attacked in ongoing anti-Christian terror campaign

Written By Keean Bexte


Terrorists are attacking and burning down churches across Canada with impunity.

Terrorists are attacking and burning down churches across Canada with impunity.

It’s a reality most Canadians only thought possible for Middle Eastern countries like Syria, where ISIS has bombarded and razed dozens of Christian heritage sites in the name of Islam.

Now, after nearly six years of Liberals calling Canadians racist and fanning the flames of hatred, hate crimes are becoming commonplace against Christians in Canada. Things have gotten so bad that even our American neighbours are beginning to worry.

Rightly so.

The Counter Signal has kept a close eye on these terrorist attacks, reporting on the scene just hours after a fire in a refugee church.

Our information shows that since June, there have been 45 attacks on Christian and mainly Roman Catholic congregations. Of those, 17 of them have been scorched or burnt to a crisp in suspicious circumstances.

The fires and vandalism span six provinces and the Northwest Territories, some of which have been in the heartland of First Nations’ territory.

TERRORISM: \u201CWe are refugees. We escaped from Vietnam to come here to get more freedom, to live, and we think it was a good country – and now it happened to our church,\u201D Pastor Nguyen said. \u201CMaybe it is not safe to be here in Canada compared to Vietnam\u201D

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Churches serving Indigneous congregations like Saint kateri Tekakwitha on Spiekne’katik First Nations territory in Nova Scotia have not been spared the ire of the far-left terror campaign.

In fact, unlike the fake Catholic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who sympathizes with the terrorists, First Nations elders and former residential school survivors have been some of the loudest voices calling for the attacks to end.

“There’s not many places on Siksika that you can point to that aren’t sacred. If anybody feels like they can come on the Siksika Nation and do any kind of damage or vandalism, they will be under surveillance,” said Chief of Siksika Nation Ouray Crowfoot on July 2.


Morrinville, Alberta. If this was a synagogue, the country would have a day of mourning. If it was a mosque, Trudeau would be there to put it out by hand. Instead, Christians are left terrified that their church is next. This is terrorism.

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This unprecedented anti-Catholic assault began soon after the unveiling of a residential school burial site in Kamloops, BC which was then followed by more unmarked grave discoveries at a former residential school site in Saskatchewan and elsewhere.

While the mainstream media refuses to call it what it is – a terror campaign – Christians are being forced to defend themselves or hire private security just to protect their holy places of worship.

The sole purpose of this full-fledged assault is to strike fear in ordinary Canadians who simply want to practice their faiths. Far-left shock troops are using First Nations tragedies to advance their political goals and normalize violence against Canadians.

Despite the deflection by the Liberal media corps, people are waking up to the hateful Marxist ideology shared by these terrorists and egged on by Canada’s progressive elites, and fortunately, more evidence is being uncovered to identify these terrorists and bring them to justice.

As I reported a few weeks ago, investigators found that the fire which burnt down the entire town of Lytton, BC was caused by a human. Now, new footage is beginning to surface revealing what everybody already realized – mostly white far-left radicals are behind these incidents.

Video footage by residents from West Kelowna recently captured a masked man tossing burning objects into the dry bush. While police have arrested the 36-year-old man responsible, they are protecting his identity.

Another video from July 2, shows two young women, one blonde and the other brunette splattering St Jude’s Parish in Vancouver with orange paint.

The truth is coming out and it’s time for Canadians to demand justice and an end to the terror.