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The Tide Turns Against Antifa Terrorists After Their Violence Is Exposed To The Masses, The Media Can No Longer Protect Them - Even Some Leftists Denounce Them: 'You Don't Represent Me, Go Home!'

Susan Duclos

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After watching events play out in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, where conservative groups held an "End Domestic Terrorism" rall, with violent Antifa thugs holding a "counter-protest" by  randomly attacking people,screaming at police to committ "suicide,"and attacking journalists with pepper sprayand hammers, among other violent assaults, even some hard-core "progressive voices" on Twitterare speaking up and condemning Antifa.

While the media often attempts to protect Antifa, justifying their violent tendencies, while defending them as "anti-fascists," despite the fact that they use violence to silence those they disagree with politically, which is fascism at its core, Saturday's display by Antifa completely destroyed the media narrative.


Watching coverage from both sides of the event, via live streams, we noted the participants of the "End Domestic Terrorism" rally sing the star spangled banner, pray, then request authorities open the Hawthorne Bridge to allow them to go to the east side to a secondary location, and to de-escalate the situation by further separating the two groups, which local law enforcement did before closing the bridge again, although Antifa members did try to follow them over to the other side.

The actual "End Domestic Terrorism" rally began at 2 pm ET, and ended at 3 pm, before they prayed and sang the national anthem as seen above, then they marched across the bridge to enjoy their BBQ, with no violence whatsoever, despite the media's claim before the event that police were preparing for violence over a "far-right" demonstration, without informing their viewers the expected violence was due to the "counter-protest" by Antifa groups.

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On the other side of the bridge, Antifa, thwarted by law enforcement from starting a large scale confrontation, decided to spread out and start randomly attacking people.

Via Washington Examiner:

With the rallygoers gone, antifa and counterprotesters, who vastly outnumbered the right-wing group, stayed in the park and spread out into the downtown area.

Often ignoring police commands to stay on the sidewalks, the antifa members marched around and engaged in small confrontations with individuals who were perceived or proclaimed to be against antifa. One case resulted in police using pepper balls and arresting a man on the counterprotest side who had advocated for fights throughout the day.

Below the quoted section above, the piece provides multiple Twitter embeds with video, with descriptors of the videos. The descriptor are below, readers can click to Washington Examiner to see them.

DC Examiner reporter Julian Rosas describes the scenes represented in the video clips:

• Antifa pushes a guy out of the park, don't know why. As they push him out, antifa uses umbrellas to block reporters cameras. At one point, the guy in the dog mask briefly turns his attention to me. And just so we're clear: I did not do or say anything to these people. They came up to me and started the confrontation.

• Antifa pushing another person out of the park, calling him a Nazi.

• A pepper ball is used by police as they make an arrest, the guy who was threatening me earlier.