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Leftist Terrorists Threaten To Dress As Trump Supporters While Carrying Out Violence


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die


This August 8th story over at the NOQ Report brings forth a huge problem that America and the world face in 2019. As their story begins, "the destruction of truth in America has been underway for decades" and while recent years brought along the independent media and the destruction of large parts of the 'myths' that the mainstream media and leftist politicians have been spinning, "the shift in media sentiment and the rise of Trump Derangement Syndrome has made it more challenging than ever in our history to break through the media jamming of lies and expose more Americans to the truth".


Their story then went on to report an 'unsubstantiated rumor' that we'll elaborate upon because we're now seeing the 'tactic' the 'antifa' flyer seen above is embracing being used over and over and over again not only by the left to demonize their 'enemies' on the right but by police in Hong Kong who recently dressed as protesters to infiltrate and arrest demonstrators in Hong Kongas well as well-documented cases of 'deep state' agents infiltrating protest movements here in America to cause chaos as 'agent provocateur's'so that outside law enforcement can crack down upon the groups demonstrating. From the NOQ Report story.: 


Antifa in Portland is rumored to be planning an event for August 17th in which they wear MAGA hats and other pro-Trump attire while perpetrating violence in an effort to frame patriots. They even called for the use of convincing law enforcement attire to play what I assume would be a different role in the event. Patriot Intel Report YouTube channel seems to be the only source on this plot, but comments in a thread regarding the video posted on Raging Red‘s Twitter account included a flier that is purported being distributed digitally to Antifa members


The flier, seen at the top of this story, and the rival demonstrations between 'antifa' and the 'Proud Boys' on Saturday have Portland business owners extremely concerned that their latest face-off could kick off a serious round of violence and chaos there with reporter Andy Ngo brutally attacked in Portland while Portland's mayor Ted Wheeler had made sure that law enforcement took a 'hands off' approach to previous confrontations while as a liberal, Wheeler clearly backed the 'antifa terrorists'.


So with liberal Hollywood recently actually creating a 'hunting deplorables' movie while antifa also put out a 'death camps for Trump supporters flyer' recently, we'll take a look within the final section of this ANP story at preparing for just such a situation as leftists unleashing terror in America by preparing to defend our families and loved ones and other innocent's from the leftist insanity being unleashed upon America. 


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According to this August 13th story over at Oregon Live, the city of Portland and Portland business owners are preparing for chaos with the latest face-off between the antifa terrorists and the 'Proud Boys'. From their story.:


Portland is bracing for a right-wing rally and a left-wing counter protest Saturday at the downtown waterfront. Several events have been moved or canceled, and the Portland Police Bureau is encouraging Portlanders to spend time other parts of the city that day.


Police sent out a release Tuesday morning about the demonstrations with a map of Portland, showing a variety of events happening throughout the city Saturday, saying “The area of impact is a very small portion of Portland.” “There are many events happening in other parts of the metro area that will not be impacted,” it continued,” adding, “here are few. Enjoy!”

The City of Portland scheduled a press conference for Wednesday at Pioneer Courthouse Square for “a large coalition of public servants, civil rights leaders, religious leaders, labor unions, sports organizations, businesses and community leaders to come together as one to denounce violence of all forms.”


“We ask those who choose to practice their First Amendment rights through protest to please not block our transit services or vandalize our property and equipment,” she said. “We need our buses and trains in working order and access to our stops and stations maintained as we work to provide vital transit service to the community.”


“Rival protest demonstrations scheduled to take place on the nearby waterfront have given us cause for concern,” he continued. “Our overarching interest is for the welfare and safety of our staff and customers, as well as the safety of Portland citizens and visitors. As an American citizen who emigrated from Northern Ireland, I’d like to go on record as stating that violence and chaos are not the answer; unity and peace are the answer.”


Yet as we've been reporting on ANP time and again, it has largely been the antifa terrorists, not only in Portland but elsewhere across America as well, who have attempted to use violence and intimidation to prevent Christians, Conservatives and other President Trump supporters from speaking and carrying out their 1st Amendment rights, insanely claiming (due to mainstream media lies) that all President Trump supporters are 'nazis' or 'white supremacists' and therefore somehow don't deserve the same Constitutionally guaranteed rights as others. 


According to this July 30th story over at Oregon Live, supporters of the far left terrorist group antifa are quite unhappy about proposals to label them as a domestic terror organization that as even President Trump recently stated in this linked tweet, "declaring ANTIFA, the gutless Radical Left Wack Jobs who go around hitting (only non-fighters) people over the heads with baseball bats, a major Organization of Terror (along with MS-13 & others). Would make it easier for police to do their job!"


Yet as we'll see in each of the following linked stories, the reasons to prepare to defend are many.: 


On July 30th, Susan published this story titled "This Could Turn Into A Bloodbath: Antifa To Converge On Texas Town - With Conservatives As Both Mayor And Governor, And A Very High Military Presence, What Could Go Wrong?"


Then on August 1st, Susan published this story on ANP that got to 'the big picture' of what America and freedom are now up against titled "The Designed Destruction Of America - We Were Warned Of The '45 Communist Goals' That Would Destroy America Back In 1963".


On August 5th, John C. Velisek published this story titled "America's Final Descent Into Communism And Civil War Are The Leftist's 'End Game' As 'The Sheep' Fully Capitulate To The Elite Who Have Been Running Roughshod Over America For Decades!"


On August 5th, Susan published this story on titled "The Powder Keg We Are Sitting On Is About To Blow: The Mainstream Media And Mental Health Professionals Treating Trump Derangement Syndrome Are All Suffering From It - America Has Become A Nation Of Crazy People".


On August 7th,  Susan Duclos published this story titled "Death Camps For Trump Supporters' Fliers Just The Latest Reason Why Personal Defense Is More Important Now Than Ever Before".


On August 9th Susan published this story titled "Liberal Elite Hunting & Killing 'Deplorable' Conservatives And Christians For Sport Is The Latest Hollywood Fantasy As House Dem Demands Feds Create A 'White Nationalist List' To Target Conservatives".


On August 9th we also published this story titled "If Democrats Have Their Way, The Monstrous 'Death Toll Of Communism' May Be Coming To America! In 'Death By Government', Disarmament Always Precedes Genocide! The Insane Leftist Agenda Must Be Stopped In 2020 Or Kiss Freedom & America Goodbye!". 


On August 12th, we published this ANP story titled "Will 'Red Flag Laws' Become 'Red List Executions'? All The Know Nothings Will Exclaim, 'But It's The Law' - Remember! Courageous Police Officer Warned Of The Globalists 'Final Solution' For America". 


On August 14th, John C. Velisek published this story on ANP titled "The Difference Between Communism And Socialism Is Almost The Same As The Difference Between Murder And Forced Suicide: Either Way, You End Up Dead - Leftists Want Americans To Share The Misery Equally, Except For Themselves".


Anybody else noticing the horrific pattern? There's clearly never been a better time to prepare than now.