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DRAMATIC video shows woman amid RUBBLE pleading for ‘Mr. Trump’ to PLEASE step in, stop Biden killing Syrians

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With a Democrat in office*, foreign entanglements are on the rise, from climate scams to bombs and war. That includes bombing Syria on behalf of whatever puppeteer pulled Biden’s strings this week.

One of President Trump’s biggest goals, and accomplishments, was in working to extricate America from foreign adventurism. But the media has given Biden a blank check to do what he pleases, and he’s exerting total executive dictatorial authority on everything.

There are consequences for that.

“Mr. Trump, please stop this. Stop this shelling. Stop the killing of these innocent people,” she shouts in the aftermath of the bombing of Maarat al-Numan. “Please America. Please do something”

It’s tough to watch.

CNN did a tiny online blurb about the video, which features an American-Syrian woman who lives in Idlib and runs a women’s empowerment center, but the video isn’t getting much attention in the media otherwise. Once again it’s time to ask the age-old question “what if the roles were reversed?”

Imagine a woman pleading for Trump to STOP while we were defeating ISIS. It would have been the biggest international story and every CNN host would be saying “war crimes” every half hour.

It’s not a double standard. They don’t have standards. They are propaganda.