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There Is No Political Solution to the Syrian Conflict

Steven Sahiounie

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US Secretary of State, John Kerry, of the Obama administration, created a mantra for the media: “There is no military solution to Syria.”  He said it so many times, he seemed to convince everyone.  However, after 9 years of conflict it appears there is neither a military, nor political solution for Syria. Despite the fact that the Syrian government under President Assad, with help from Russia, has regained 70% of the territory, and all the major cities are calm, still there is no possibility for recovery or reconstruction of hospitals, schools, homes and lives due to the US sanctions.

President Erdogan of Turkey, a close ally of President Trump, and NATO member, ensured that a military solution was impossible for Syria.  By Turkey’s invasion and occupation of Idlib, and the northeast region, the Syrian Arab Army was prevented from clearing out the Al Qaeda terrorists who occupy Idlib. On a second track, Turkey prevented the Kurdish northeast, who are US allies, from coming to an agreement with the Damascus government. Erdogan’s invasion and continuing occupation of Syria was for Erdogan’s benefit, as well as the strategic goals of his ally Trump, who.....