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Are Those Israelis 'Citizens' or Plain Terrorists and Criminals?

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Home-made Israeli settler rockets

Israeli settlers are not content that they are living on illegally occupied territory and in illegally-built settlements.   They are not content that they are allowed to roam the streets of Israel armed to the teeth… killing, mutilating and torturing Palestinian citizens and children without accountability while the IDF,  mainstream media and the ‘civilized’ world pretend not to notice.  Israeli settlers now are building their own home-made rockets and are firing them at Palestinian refugees because they do not agree that Israel should withdraw from any of the occupied territories or make any concessions to the Palestinians in order to achieve a state of peace.   As far as they are concerned, anyone living between the Nile and the Euphrates should vacate so that the ‘holy’ settlers can loot their lands, homes and properties as they’ve always done throughout history and suck every drop of blood from their victims until they explode.

Yesterday Israeli settlers fired 2 home-made rockets near a school in the village of Burin which is located between 2 illegal settlements.  The rockets were named ‘Sharon 1’ and ‘Sharon 2’.  How appropriate indeed.  The entire IDF is not enough for the settlers.   The land which was allocated to Israel by the UN as well as the land which Israel annexed illegally in the various wars it launched against its neighbors  is also not enough for those settlers.   These vicious, extremist, nasty and greedy blood-suckers are now developing their own rockets in order to keep and expand their illegal settlements against International Law and against every international agreement, resolution or convention that govern or apply to the Arab/Israeli conflict.  Will the UN condemn the Israeli settlers’ actions?  I hardly think so.  It never condemned them for any of their previous horrific crimes so why would it condemn them for starting to make their own rockets.  The UN might even justify the settlers’ actions as “self defense” just as it justified practically all of Israel’s actions as “self defense” for the past 60 years.  It seems that Israel  and  its settlers need to blow up the entire Middle East and beyond in their quest for ‘peace’  and pursuit of “self defense”.

Along the past years, Israeli settlers have consistently and regularly attacked Palestinian civilians, kidnapped them, tortured them, killed and mutilated them, burned their olive fields or sawed their trees off.  

Settlers simply kicked Palestinians out of their lands and homes by using extremely violent means, stoned them, stabbed them and stole whatever was left of their money and gold jewelry.  This is criminal behavior galore.  This is TERRORISM.  Those settlers however are never held accountable.  Their actions are never even mentioned in the news. 

Palestinian boy tortured to death by settlers

Last month settlers booed Ehud Olmert off a stage while he was giving a speech in which he suggested that Israel should return to Syria the occupied Golan in exchange for peace.  Olmert who is no less than the Israeli Prime Minister,  wasn’t even allowed to finish his speech.  Settlers shouted at him and came out with signs saying that the Golan was “sovereign Israeli land (imagine that!) and the Israeli Prime Minister  couldn’t stand up to them and had to shut up and change the subject.

The Israeli government made a huge mistake by allowing those settlers to get so out of control because the IDF now simply has the additional duty of protecting Israel from its own people… the Israeli settlers.

The more fronts the IDF has to face, the better news for the Arab world…  and let’s also not forget that Israel ‘s refuseniks’ movement is growing steadily with Ehud Olmert’s son as one of its prime members!

More fronts to fight..

More refuseniks..

More emigration and less immigration...

More Palestinians...

Stronger neighbors...



Bye bye Israel