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Iraq Is Missing Billions

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FW 2/24/12
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Iraqs Missing Billions 4-4 :
3 March 2006


What happened to the billions of dollars of Iraqi reconstruction money entrusted to the American Coalition? In just fourteen months, the CPA burned its way through nearly $20 billion. But no-one can account for where it all went. Iraq's infrastructure is worse than ever before. Operating theatres are flooded with sewage. New-born babies are dying for lack of basic equipment. In this shocking 'Dispatches' investigation, Iraqi doctor Ali Fadhil goes in search of the missing money. He uncovers a horrific story of fraud, incompetence and corruption.

This is chump change compared to CAFR. All government(s), from Federal on down to City, essentially keep two set of books, one they use to show how much more they need to operate, and the other amounting to how much they have stolen and invested. When it comes to Financial Fraud, and Theft, no other criminal enterprise, except the whole of International Banking, comes close to most US Governmental Agencies.  The regular Mafia are like parochial school children and honor students in comparison.  
The people that formed this country by establishing the US Constitution knew that what was being attempted and tried, would only continue on if the people kept close guard over the government, making sure that it never broke free from the chains of the original document(s). They also knew that the lot of men were ignorant, ill informed, and easily distracted, and that there was really no way to directly speak to that fact in the document itself,  so the design and framing criteria needed to offset it was incorporated into the first 13 amendments by using rock solid and unambiguous language.