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Adam Casalino

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April 22, 2020



President Trump has made it his highest priority to keep Americans safe. That includes going hard on our nation’s enemies.

Past presidents seemed to play games with our national security. They drew their “red lines,” then wimped out as our enemies crossed them.

But President Trump has made it clear that if Iran crossed his red line, they will pay. And he just drew another big bright line for the world to see.

From Twitter:

I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea.

Boom. President Trump announced he instructed our Navy to shoot and “destroy” any Iranian gunboats that harass our ships at sea.

Even with a global pandemic happening, Iran still feels the need to start trouble with the U.S. You’d think they would be focusing on keeping their people healthy, right?

But it seems the last thing Iran’s leaders care about is the well-being of their people. Pretty tragic.

It appears Iran’s gunboats are trying to cause more problems for American ships. As well as our allies abroad.

Earlier in the year, Iran has caused all sorts of trouble for ships (not that our liberal media will tell you about that). It has sparked strong responses from our president.

Now, Trump has given our Navy a direct order. And he’s letting Iran know in clear terms that their gunboats will be destroyed if they’re crazy enough to attack.

Will our boys have to shoot down any attacks? Let’s hope not. Trump’s words, especially on Twitter, carry a ton of weight.

Iran might be reading that tweet right now, rethinking their plans.

But if they’re too stupid to learn, our Navy is ready. With approval from our president, they won’t have to delay a swift response to keep our ships safe.

Compare that with the terrible ROE from the Obama era: which prevented soldiers from acting until they were in serious danger.

Thankfully, President Trump is not about to let our ships get attacked—without a response.