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Trump Administration Announces New Sanctions On Iran


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Trump Administration Announces New Sanctions On Iran

  The Trump administration has announced new sanctions targeting five top memebers of the Iranian regime who they believed have worked to rig their countries elections, further tightening the screws on America's most dangerous Middle East foe.

As Bloomberg reports: The U.S. said it has sanctioned members of an Iranian government agency that it says rigs elections in the country by disqualifying candidates who don’t echo the political ideology of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Five members of Iran’s Guardian Council and its Elections Supervision Committee, who are appointed by Khamenei, were added to the U.S. sanctions list on Thursday, the Treasury Department said in a statement.


John Kerry and Senator Chris Murphy grossly violated the Logan Act with respect to Iran. If a Republican did what they did, there would be very serious ramifications!