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ALERT: Indians Fighting In Swat – WARNING: Disturbing Pictures

Zaid Hamid And Ahmed quraishi

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Indians Fighting In Swat

Warning: Explicit & Disturbing Pictures

Pictures below contain nudity and are gruesome.

Please do not proceed beyond the written description if such material is offensive to you.

By Zaid Hamid And Ahmed quraishi

Wednesday, 20 May 2009.


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Pictures of Uzbek and Gurkhas non-Muslim militants killed during the Pakistani military sweep of the Swat Valley. These exclusive pictures show that they are uncircumcised. Their facial features prove they could be Gurkha fighters whom the Indian and the British militaries use to fight in mountainous regions. The Americans have also hired some of them. The pictures also show that some of theses killed terrorists could be Uzbeks from Abdul Rasheed Dostom’s murderous militias in Afghanistan that are allied with the U.S. occupation army and Kabul’s puppet government.

The question that arises here is this: Why is the Pakistani military’s media arm, the ISPR, not releasing these pictures to the Pakistani media? This is the biggest proof that Indians are not only sending trained butchers and terrorists from Afghanistan disguised as Taliban to kill Pakistanis, but there are actual Indians fighting within the ranks of this so-called Pakistani Taliban in Swat?

Is the Pakistani military afraid of the pro-U.S. government in Islamabad and does not want to cross the line? It is the responsibility of Mr. Rehman Malik, the Federal Interior Minister, to bring such evidence to the notice of the President, the Prime Minister, and the Foreign Minister so that the elected government could raise this issue with the United States and NATO and take a stand on the reason why these supposed allies of Pakistan are letting Afghanistan be used as a base for anti-Pakistan activities, especially by the Indians and their paid agents in the Kabul government. So why is this not happening? And why is Pakistan letting the United States and its allied government in Islamabad get away with the murder of Pakistanis at the hands of terrorists sent from Afghanistan?


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