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If the individual members of the organizations were of the same mind, if every organization worked according to a standard pattern, the problem would be solved. Is this not precisely what a coherent, well-understood, and accepted doctrine would tend to achieve? More than anything else, a doctrine appears to be the practical answer to the problem of how to channel efforts in a single direction. David Galula

Asif Haroon Raja is one of those brilliant Pakistani analysts who calls a spade a spade, and calls it the way he sees it. The American plan to remake the world used to be called the Plan for a New American Century (PNAC). Recently PNAC changed its name to Foreign Policy Institute to portray a more benign image. However the plans still are the same. Dominating the world through any means necessary. The plans have been exposed. An exposed plan is not worth the paper it is written on!

about 80 percent of Pakistanis recently polled said that al Qaeda’s principle aim is standing up to the United States, and 57 percent support that goal. In that same survey, more than 52 percent blamed the United States for the violence wracking the country, compared to 15 percent who blamed various militant groups. Fewer than one in two Pakistanis believed that al Qaeda and the Taliban operating in Pakistan pose a serious problem, and wide swaths of Pakistanis embrace negotiating with the raft of militant groups savaging their country and oppose military action to eliminate them. C. Christine Fair. Time for Sober Realism: Renegotiating Relations with Pakistan

The inability to create a facade of victory in Afghanistan creates an embarrassing situation for the incompetent Generals who have been painting a rosy picture for the American public. How long can General Patraeus, Admiral Mullen and Richard Holbrooke continue to fool the American people? The answer is obvious, not for very long.

“The best way to get out of Afghanistan fast is (for) people to think we’re staying.” Sen. John McCain of Arizona. WSJ

This time around, when Admiral Mullen and Mr. Richard Holbrooke landed in Islamabad, a different sort of welcome awaited them. They were reminded of their earlier statements and Pakistan politely reminded them of the Red Lines that had been drawn.

sajdah-nas-un-minllah-hai-fatah-un-qareebThe US can last in Afghanistan for another two years. After the British, and the Canadians leave Afghanistan, the American forces will also leave. These are tough times and the Pakistani nation has to grin and bear it–no one can harm the land of the Crescent and Star.

Counterinsurgency is not just thinking man’s warfare-it is the graduate level of war. Special Forces Officer in Iraq, 2005

The PMLQ, the PMLN, the JI and Senator Mushahid Hussain etc. as well as the National Assembly of Pakistan have passed a resolution asking to halt the Drones and stop the fighting. “They” can ignore it at their own risk.

They thought that General Kiyani was a softy who would roll over and play dead. When he clearly informed the US of the red lines, Richard Hobrooke and Armiral Mullen began their rhetoric against the Pakistani Army and the Pakistani ISI. Prime Minister Gilani and even Ambassador Haqqani defended both institutions (even though Haqqani had derided the army for more than two decades).

The CIA faces its toughest test yet to prove wrong the suspicions of many within the Pakistani strategic community that some of the terrorism exported from Afghan soil into Pakistan has direct or indirect support from Washington.

The immediate test centres on Baitullah Mehsud, the leader of the bandits who present themselves as Pakistani Taliban. The Americans have begun some cosmetic drone attacks on Baitullah’s territory and there are reports Washington has agreed to launch a joint operation with Pakistan against this bandit. The purpose is to assuage Pakistani concerns about the US role. In July last year, Pakistan’s military leadership confronted senior CIA and US military commanders with evidence showing Washington indirectly protecting anti-Pakistan terrorists on the ground. This newspaper broke that story on Aug. 5, 2008, with a front- page headline, “US told not to back terrorism against Pakistan.”

Mehsud is a good example. This bandit and his former leader and associate, Abdullah Mehsud, pioneered the attacks on Chinese interests in Pakistan, which was the first thing Abdullah did after being released from Gitmo in 2003. Interestingly, he was not handed back to Pakistan despite being a Pakistani citizen, but was released to Afghanistan where he went back into the custody of the US military and the Karzai government. Abdullah was killed when Pakistani security forces caught him sneaking back into Balochistan from Afghanistan, where he most probably was meeting his handlers. How he financed, armed and sustained a 25,000-strong militia remains beyond explanation. This militia continues to have quality arms and generous funding.

Until now CIA drones have never targeted Abdullah or Baitullah or any other militia that is committed to attacking Pakistan. During the operations in Bajaur, our soldiers were reportedly stunned at one point to see close to 600 well-armed terrorists come in from Afghanistan, fight the Pakistani military and then escape across the border. The CIA never attacks such “terrorists.” There has been a meteoric rise in the number of anti-Pakistan militias and fighters within our tribal belt since 2004, complete with religious brainwashing justifying the killing of Pakistanis as a first priority. This has coincided with the launch of terrorism in Balochistan and northern Pakistan, the area between Gwadar port and the Chinese border.

In order to punish the real or imaginary Pakistani tolerance for “Afghan Taliban” - the real Taliban, I must add - someone who wields power in Afghanistan decided to make Pakistan pay by grooming their own Islamic fighters who’d solely focus on fighting Pakistan (as compared to the Afghan Taliban who focus on fighting the Americans inside Afghanistan) - professional killers trained in the art of recruiting and organising death squads, Islam-focused propaganda experts fluent in Pashto, Uzbek, Arabic and, possibly, Chechen, and develop conduits for money and arms supplies from Afghanistan into Pakistan.

The US uses India to ratchet up the heat on Pakistan whenever there is a hiccup in the relationship. These days the Indian climbdown coincides with renewed signs that Pakistan’s political and military leaderships are cooperating with Washington.

In 2002, the Americans were allowed to establish bases in Balochistan and CIA was given the right to recruit Pakistanis in the tribal belt. These two areas of Pakistan are now the most disturbed parts of our country. And now our territory is being used to attack the interests of Iran and China. Washington is creating conditions across our western belt that would make it impossible for China to pursue trade and energy corridors through Pakistan.

Hopefully, Mr Richard Holbrooke heard in Islamabad that we don’t accept American diktat over Afghanistan where we have our own interests to watch like everyone else. The CIA’s footprints. Thursday, April 09, 2009

Brzezinski: Don’t start new wars. Use diplomacy in Pakistan


If the U.S. hopes to win war in Afghanistan by undermining premier institutions of Pakistan, it is sadly mistaken. All its high sounding plans would come to a naught and it would have to exit in disgrace. If it commits the blunder of attacking Pakistan as suggested to it by India and Israel, it would undoubtedly cause massive destruction to this already badly mauled country but in the process it would sink in the third quagmire. Pakistan has relatively better means to defend itself when pushed against the wall. Its already depleting economy would not be able to sustain war on three fronts and would perish in this region. Another crop of Islamists would rise from the debris of ruined Pakistan to carry forward the message of Allah that God is Great and none else.By Asif Haroon Raja Sunday, 5 April 2009.The writer is a Rawalpindi based security, defense and political freelance analyst. Email: Reproduced from TheWakeUpProject.


The ISI and the Pakistan Army is fully aware of the plans and has taken appropriate actions to prevent fruition of the nefarious goals or India. For all their high tech toys, surveillance satellites, drones, and night vision goggles, the US is facing an ignominious defeat in Afghanistan. With no body else to blame but their own incompetence and inefficiency, they look for a scapegoat. The Pakistani ISI and the Pakistan Army are easy escape-goats.

A multi-faceted media campaign is underway to malign, and demoralize the nation, and dehumanize sections of the Pakistani population. A twin strategy to feed disinformation is also underway. The unearthing of a fake video was attributed to Swat and the Taliban. Obviously this was done to sow dissent in the ranks and create a civil war.

The gig is up. Pakistanis are aware of what is going on. The agencies are on alert. No harm can come to the land.

Tick Tock Tick Tock-2011: Obama’s shrinking Afghan timeline

Afghanistan fiasco: Cleaning up the Am-Brit failures in Kabul again

On their arrival the American duo was clearly told that Pakistan too does not expect a blank check, and cannot give one either. These frank words from the Foreign Minister of Pakistan must have caught the Americans by surprise. The US was also reminded of the Indian presence in Afghansitan and clearly informed that this is the cause of much consternation in Islamabad.


Pakistani institutions are being sabotaged by the CIA and RAW, and for some strange reason everything is being lumped on the Taliban or on Pakistani religious parties.


ISLAMABAD - “American policies are not of a friend but of a foe and Richard Holbrooke and Mike Mullen are in Pakistan to put a price on our loyalty to our religion and the Islamic State of Pakistan but we are not a saleable commodity.”

Federal Minister for Science & Technology Azam Khan Swati while commenting on the recent visit of the American military and political leadership to Pakistan said this on Tuesday.

According to a press release issued here, Swati said that Nato’s presence in the region was a great threat to the very existence of Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and Iran as well. “American policies aim to dismantle Pakistan, neutralise Iran and contain China to make India a regional superpower to achieve her objectives,” he added.

Fixing Afpak: Inability to define exit strategy spells inevitable US military catastrophe in Kabul

He said Obama’s administration was following the conspiracy hatched by George W Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield and would lead America towards destruction. He added the US policy aimed to destroy Pak Armed Forces, marginalise state-of-the-art security agency, ISI, and ruin Pakistan.

“To achieve its objectives, Americans are spreading hatred in the mind and heart of the people of world by portraying Islamistsas cruel, inhuman and threat to humanity, and are trying to divide Pakistani nation on religious basis,” the Minister said. He added that the people of Pakistan would foil their nefarious designs, as the people of NWFP and Fata were peace-loving and practical Muslims and would never succumb to the pressure of foreign forces. US wants to break up Pakistan, says minister Published: April 08, 2009

How long can an American president continue to sell war to the American people. The answer is obvious. President Barack Obama has three years to show results–else the next elections will see a presidential candidate who will expose the failures in Afghanistan. Already the Anti-War movement is gathering speed. About half the American people are tired of the war in Afghanistan and the Obama team cannot justify attacking Iran or attacking Pakistan. Justifying the Banality of a brutal Occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan: The Thinktanks attempt to complete the circle of complicity between a sycophantic press, and a non-inquisitive servile public. The nation is forced to accept the only argument that it is being repeatedly inundated with



Some of the political parties friendly to India, many Western sponsored NGOs,some pseudo- intellectuals and rented  writers are contributing towards this campaign of disinformation to bring  bad name to Pakistan and to Pakistanis.

However the enemy forces have exposed themselves. In the past few months, the enemies of Pakistan have painted targets on themselves and they stand naked. The emperor has no clothes. One by one, those who oppose Pakistan will be held accountable by the people. The demoralization process has failed to yield results in Afghanistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The forces against occupation are winning.

Betrayals, blackmail in Bakiyev cloaking failure as success hiding the defeat declaring victory withdrawing from Afghanistan within 12 months


RAWALPINDI, Pakistan-I have been forewarning about the sinister designs of adversaries of Pakistan wanting to harm Pakistan for the last three years. What I had penned in 2006 about the dangerous ramifications of Indo-U.S.-Afghan nexus based in Kabul has come true.

Under the garb of friendship, Pakistan has been gradually and systematically weakened from within and destabilized through covert means employed by RAW, RAM [or NDS, the Karzai puppet intelligence], CIA duly complemented by Mossad and MI-6.

In the last seven years Pakistan has suffered grievously on all counts and its very foundations have been jolted. Mumbai episode on 26 November was the starting point for executing the final destructive phase against Pakistan. Sudden flurry of CIA controlled drone attacks and terrorist attacks in various parts of Pakistan are clear cut indications that our adversaries are now all set to deliver the decisive hammer.

nasrminallahIt is most unfortunate that in this gory plan, some of the political parties friendly to India, western sponsored NGOs, intellectuals and writers have also contributed towards disinformation campaign and bringing bad name to Pakistan. They have been more distressed on the peace deals signed in Swat and Bajaur and are writing copiously to paint the Islamists as demons and the main threat to existence of Pakistan. A willful effort is being made to derail Swat peace accord and to prevent Zardarifrom counter signing the peace deal. One of the means adopted was to display a video footage of a 17-year girl publicly lashed by the bearded Taliban. The footage was repeatedly flashed on all TV channels throughout the day till late night on 4 April with a sinister purpose to defame the Taliban and Sharia laws. I will comment on its veracity separately but my sources have revealed that it was a fake video. A foreign funded NGOhad furnished the clip to all concerned while majority of private electronic media channels funded from abroad played it up with vivacity and zest. The women activists of MQMhave taken the lead in condemning the incident by staging protest marches in Karachi. It is a classic case of painting white with a black brush.

Rand report: End GWOT. Defeat Al-Qaeda with police & Dollars

The U.S. and western media as well as the U.S. think tanks have been playing upon the theme of threat of Al-Qaeda and its affiliates to security of Pakistan as well as to U.S.A. George Bush had declared in July last year that any future attack on the U.S. homeland would come from FATA. The tribal belt was declared as the nursery of terrorists where terrorists and suicide bombers were indoctrinated, trained and launched into Afghanistan to target U.S.-Nato-Afghan forces. Giving strength to Karzai’s allegation of cross border terrorism, the U.S. sprinkled spice to this sizzling theme by adding that certain elements within the army and the ISI were linked with the Taliban and assisting them in movement across the border. FATA was declared as the most dangerous place and the hub centre of terrorism. After the Mumbai attacks, India shamelessly joined the propagandists and alleged that Pakistan is the epicenter of terrorism and that the ISI was linked with Lashkar-e-Taiba that had executed the Mumbai carnage. The purported document provided to Pakistan is full of glaring loopholes but India is insisting that Pakistan must accept the trash as well-cooked piece of evidence and act. By Asif Haroon Raja Sunday, 5 April 2009.The writer is a Rawalpindi based security, defense and political freelance analyst. Email: Reproduced from TheWakeUpProject



The misinformation being spread through various Murdock outlets is beyond comical. Videos are released to malign Pakistan. Even the head of the UN does in part in the script, just like the previous one said things about the WMDs in Iraq. Mr. Bait Mehsud has accepted responsibility for all attacks on Pakistan. To make mattes worse, Mr. Bait Mehsud has now threatened the White House.  This was later ridiculed by the US FBI itself.

iza-ja-nasr-allah-wal-fatahCockeyed and baseless allegations hurled by U.S.A, India and Afghanistan in unison under a timed program have been made without furnishing any proof. Complaints of Pakistan against other agencies are ignored. Not a single story of massive sabotage and subversion undertaken against Pakistan from the Afghan soil has ever been published in the western and Indian newspaper. On the contrary any terrorist attack taking place in India or a western state was invariably pasted on Pakistani extremists and the ISI. It was hoped that the new U.S. administration under Obama would put an end to negative propaganda warfare based on pack of lies to discredit Pakistan and its institutions but it has decided to adopt the old policy of Pakistan bashing. Obama too has projected FATA as the safe haven and main headquarters of Al-Qaeda and its leadership. He reiterated fears of Bush by asserting that Al-Qaeda based in FATA is planning to attack homeland of U.S.A and has accordingly framed the new Af-Pak strategy to destroy Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. Obama and his team are brimming with confidence and exuberance to implement the new plan at the earliest.

Hindu Kush Curtain Call: The End Game in Afghanistan

Harvard questions: Afghanistan Lost? Barnett Rubin & Maleeha Lodhi solutions to quagmire

The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader Baitullah Mehsud who had never been targeted or condemned by U.S. and the West suddenly came in their bad books after he announced his allegiance to Mullah Omar and accepted him as the supreme leader in first week of March. He had probably taken this step in the light of Pak army having scored moral victories in Bajaur and Swat and compelling the militants to ink peace deals. The new Af-Pak strategy worked out by Obama Administration to conjointly round up the irreconcilable Islamistextremists on both sides of the Durand Line might also have prompted him to achieve unity between Afghan and Pak Taliban and confront the new challenge jointly. Till this announcement, Mullah Omar led Taliban and Baitullah led Taliban were different entities and there was no nexus between them. In fact, Omar had conveyed his displeasure to Baitullah not to operate under the name of Taliban and bring a bad name to his outfit. Likewise, Gulbadin Hikmatyar leading Hizb-e-Islami operates independently in eastern and northeastern Afghanistan and also around Kandahar and Kabul. The U.S. has announced $5 million award for Baitullah’s head and drones have targeted his exclusive domain within South Waziristan (Jandola to Sarwakai), inhabited by Mehsuds, for the first time. Coming months will prove whether he has actually fallen from grace or it is a put up show to hoodwink Pakistan. Unlike Omar, Osama or Zawahiri who remain underground, Baitullah has exposed himself on number of occasions and has been giving interviews to the media men. The ISI had twice provided six figure grid reference of his location to CIA, but it is strange that the U.S. took no interest. The drones reconnoitering every inch of the tribal belt have surprisingly failed to spot him. The U.S. has now agreed to carryout joint operation against him to get hold of him.


Series of militant attacks took place in March at a time when peace deal with militants had been inked in Swat and Bajaur, Qazi courts have started functioning in MalakandDivision, blatant bloodshed and destruction in the war torn regions have ended and there is an overall atmosphere of reconciliation and peace.. The suicide attacks in Jamrudon a mosque during Friday prayers on 27 March killing over 50 and injuring 120; suicide attack on a military convoy in Bannukilling 5 soldiers and 2 civilians and injuring 9 and a bloody clash in lower Dir on 29 March in which some senior officials were killed, together with a drone attack in OrakzaiAgency on 01 April and suicide hit and a drone attack in North Waziristan on 4 April are aimed at disrupting peace in the Frontier province. Two terrorists attack in Lahore on 3rd and 30th March in Lahore were undertaken by the terrorists to give a loud message that terrorism has entered the heartland of Punjab. Another terrorist attack in posh locality of Islamabad on a FCcamp on 4 April killing eight security personnel and a suicide attack on Imambargah in Chakwal on 5 April killing 24 people are links of the same chain. Prior to each attack, the intelligence agencies had forewarned the security forces about entry of RAW agents in Lahore and in Islamabad. More attacks are expected in coming days.

The Pakistani perspective: Peace deals only way to precipitate face saving for US & Obama’s smooth Exit strategy from Afghanistan

Baitullah who had throughout this period remained in the background and was media shy suddenly came on the centre stage and claimed responsibility for most terrorist attacks which took place recently. These claims were made in spite of an unknown group calling itself Fidayeen-e-Islam owning up the responsibility for the attack on Police Training School in Lahore on 30 March and the mosque in Jamrud on 27th March. The reason given for Baitullah’s offensive posture was the continuing drone attacks in FATAwhich in his view were taking place with connivance of the government. To the surprise of many he brazenly stated what the two American presidents had earlier predicted that his group was planning a terrorist attack on White House that would amaze the world. He asserted that his men would teach a lesson to the Americans. The only thing he has not revealed is the date and time of attack, which I reckon should also have been made public to make the story more thrilling. The people were still pondering over the statement of Baitullah when he hurled another salvo on 4 April by claiming responsibility for the terrorist attack by a gunman on an immigration centre in a small U.S. city on 3 April killing 13 people and then killed himself. He said that his accomplice has managed to escape and would hit another target soon. Investigations revealed that the gunman was Vietnamese origin which lay to rest the boastful claim of Baitullah.

Perpetual Mimitic War: Strategy for continued Failure in Afghanistan

Unless Baitullah is a nitwit and weird, why on earthshould he disclose his hostile intentions before hand and alert the prey he intends to hit. Prior disclosure may stand to reason if the attacker uses it as a ploy to frighten the adversary which he never intends to target. The Taliban based in Pakistan and Afghanistan are local based and have so far not demonstrated any capability to strike a target outside their respective spheres of influence. It is only the mythical Al-Qaeda which possesses the long arm to hit out anywhere in the world. Even so-called Al-Qaeda operatives have not been able to strike any target in U.S.A after 9/11 because of the massive fool proof security arrangements laid around U.S.A. Therefore it will be childish to take Baitullah’s threat seriously.

Mr. Obama: You can’t monitor AIG and want accountability from Pakistan

Obama’s Afghan ‘Strategy’ without an “Exit Plan” is a ‘Straightjacket’ named quagmire & defeat

If he is really serious to perform the miraculous act of attacking the most secured fortress of White House, logically he should not have divulged his intentions beforehand. By doing so he has alerted the already highly sensitive U.S. leadership suffering from acute paranoia and given them a just cause to hone their weapons more feverishly and preemptivelydestroy their deadly foes in their home ground and thus nip the evil in the bud. Till now the threat perception highlighted by U.S.A was based on assumptions. Now that their adversary has come out in the open with his future hostile intentions and brandished his sword and specified the target within U.S.A, it gives a ready made excuse to belligerent U.S. to once again put the Bush policy of preemption into action.

After NATO rejection Obama has few options left in Afghanistan

Pakistan First by Shireen Mazari: The devastating affects of appeasing India and kowtowing to the USA

It is incomprehensible as to why Baitullahshould send his suicide squads across the seven seas to teach U.S.A a lesson when he has host of lucrative targets within his immediate reach in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and easy reach in Middle East or Europe. Even South Korea which has a large concentration of U.S. military is much closer than U.S.A. His affiliate Al-Qaeda has already hit targets in Turkey, Spain, UK and Indonesia and is active in Africa. Possible reasons that come to one’s mind are: One, the incident would not become as earthshaking as 9/11 if it is committed outside U.S.A. Two, after announcement of head money, Baitullah has felt that his days are numbered and in desperation has thrown caution to the wind without comprehending its implications. Three, he has suddenly become extrovert and bigheaded and wants to gain publicity and fame.


Those who believe that he is CIA man now argue that he has deliberately given this statement to allay this impression. They say that when Clinton had visited Islamabad in March 2000 and had refused to shake hands or have a photo session with Gen Musharraf, it was purposely done to convey a message that he was in bad books of U.S.A where as in actuality he was not and it was a ploy to build up his image among the Pakistanis. After all, plan of attacking and occupying Afghanistan had been finalized way back in 1997. For Afghan venture someone like Gen Musharraf totally dedicated to the U.S. cause and anti-Islamist extremists fitted well into U.S. scheme of things. Nawaz Sharifhad defied U.S. pressure and carried out nuclear tests; he had introduced Sharia laws in Lower House and was generally soft towards rightist religious parties. He was certainly not the right choice and therefore had to be got rid of to promote U.S. agenda with the active assistance of friendly and pliable president holding all state powers.

Solutions to “Obama’s Vietnam”–AfPak

Obama must avoid creating a backlash in neighboring Pakistan by heavy-handed U.S. military intervention there: David Kilcullen

Approaching days would prove whether Baitullah is planted or genuine but one thing is certain; the concocted plan of attack on White House or an equally sensitive target in Washington has been finalized by vested groups to make it a justifiable excuse to attack Pakistan. If the U.S. hopes to win war in Afghanistan by undermining premier institutions of Pakistan, it is sadly mistaken. All its high sounding plans would come to a naught and it would have to exit in disgrace. If it commits the blunder of attacking Pakistan as suggested to it by India and Israel, it would undoubtedly cause massive destruction to this already badly mauled country but in the process it would sink in the third quagmire. Pakistan has relatively better means to defend itself when pushed against the wall. Its already depleting economy would not be able to sustain war on three fronts and would perish in this region. Another crop of Islamists would rise from the debris of ruined Pakistan to carry forward the message of Allah that God is Great and none else.By Asif Haroon RajaSunday, 5 April 2009.The writer is a Rawalpindi based security, defense and political freelance analyst. Email: Reproduced from TheWakeUpProject.