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Paranoid Pranab: India’s Two Faced Foreign Minister


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ISLAMABAD, PakistanDuring the entire Pak-India crisis, India’s foreign minister Pranab ‘Paranoid’ Mukherjee has shown himself to be a four-legged clown.

Since early December, Mr. Mukherjee has changed more positions than a model’s dress at a fashion show in Mumbai.

Western journalists following the Indian drama should pay attention.

First Mr. Mukherjee said India was not going to share evidence with Pakistan. Then he said all evidence has already been given to Pakistan. Then he said India has to complete its own investigations before sharing anything with Pakistan.

One of the glaring contradictions in Mr. Mukherjee’s statements is the point where he reached a foregone conclusion about Pakistan’s culpability while insisting that Indian investigations are incomplete.

Paranoid Mukherjee bears a huge part of the responsibility for the dramatic and unfortunate increase in tensions in the Pak-India region.

Here is the case against Pranab ‘Paranoid’ Mukherjee as described by one of our contributors:

The Defendant:

India never escalated tension with Pakistan: Mukherjee


Prosecution’s evidence:

Exhibit A:

Mukherjee threatens Pakistan with military strike”


Exhibit B:

“Unilateral attack option against Pakistan remains open: Pranab Mukherjee


Exhibit C:

India to consider all options, warns Pranab


Exhibit D:

India to give befitting reply to ‘terror sponsors’: Sonia”


Exhibit E: The Best Part, The Clincher

Pakistan creating war hysteria: Pranab


CONCLUSION: Exhibits A to Z prove Paranoid Mukerjee’s sense of humor. The only problem is that it is not funny anymore. The Indian government is boring the world, with no evidence and with its blatant anti-Pakistanism on full display.

Relax, Mukherjee. No one believes anymore, except maybe Ariel Sharon.

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