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A Trident Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile Test Has Occurred Over The Atlantic


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This has a timing and location which are very interesting.  First of all today was the start of the hoax second impeachment against THE PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump (bare in mind only a sitting President can be impeached).  Secondly the location is Florida the exact same region where Trump has based his known headquarters.  Connect the dots folks, a war is coming… Be prepared to protect and die for your patriotic leaders and aides as well as your Republic.  If this was the Army of Northern Virginia’s connection with elements in the U.S. Navy then this might be a warning to the Anglophile Imperial Socialists and their coup d’etat clowns (Biden and company and all his enablers) in the United States.  If this was a Royal Navy launch then this could be a warning to the Army of Northern Virginia from the British Empire 2.0 TISJ.  We need to know who exactly set off this launch and go from there.” :The-Unhived:Mind

A Trident Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile Test Has Occurred Over The Atlantic

The missile was seen rising into the evening sky off the Florida coast and likely reentered the atmosphere over the South Atlantic.


Details remain very limited at this time, but it is clear a Trident submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) test has occurred over the Atlantic ocean. According to a series of notices to airman (NOTAM) about the potential launch activity that were posted in recent days, the missile was launched off the Florida coast and had a reentry area to the east of Ascension Island, with a total downrange travel distance of around 5,200 miles.

The launch grabbed the attention of Floridians who saw the Trident missile’s comet-like trail lit up in the evening sky. These tests are essential to guaranteeing America and Britain’s second-strike capability that underpins both country’s nuclear deterrents. It is unclear at this time if the launch emanated from a U.S. Navy or U.K. Royal Navy nuclear ballistic missile submarine.

While the Pacific sees far more U.S. ballistic missile test launch activity than the Atlantic, tests over “the pond” aren’t all that rare. Most recently, the French executed a test of their M51 SLBM in the Atlantic.

While we don’t know which navy carried out this particular test, based on information from alerts provided to aviators and maritime vessels ahead of time, the missile’s intended trajectory appears similar to the planned one from a launch the Royal Navy carried out in the Atlantic in June 2016. That test was a spectacular and controversial failure, with the unarmed missile reportedly flying off course in the complete opposite direction, instead heading toward the United States mainland. Its self-destruct feature was subsequently triggered, safely blowing it up in midair over the water.

We will continue to update this post as soon as new info on the launch comes available.