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Joe Hoft

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The Deep State within the CIA are doing all they can to obstruct President Trump from finding out the origins of the Russia Collusion sham.

President Trump is doing all he can to bring them to justice.

The Deep State within the government is corrupt, criminal and cowardly. The DOJ and FBI have obviously been run by Obama’s criminal Deep State. The State Department as well. Nearly every agency in Obama’s government was corrupted during the Obama years. The CIA is no exception and may even be the worse.

To gain an understanding of the corruption within the CIA we must step back and look at the past few decades. The CIA culture of dealing with abuses of power was to cover it up or use counter intelligence as a weapon to make or bury a case and target Americans directly or to use foreign intelligence or governments as surrogates.

At times the heads of the CIA targeted the front line agents (like Sabrina De Sousa who was chronicled in a prior post) and allowed them to be brought in front of foreign courts and convicted.

This tactic, generally referred to as scapegoatery, damages the moral of the agents as well as the name of the agency. But the people at the top dodge inspection and carry on with their merry ways.

According to De Sousa in her case where the CIA was charged with illegally kidnapping a suspected terrorist the agents were eventually brought before an Italian court and the one who was targeted was her. She shared with us –


I was ordered to sign a letter from the leadership acknowledging my crime and swearing I would never travel indefinitely till the Italian issue was resolved.

I refused.

The next phone call I got was from the CIA Office of security saying I had should have informed them I had an Interpol warrant against me. I informed them it was a Europol warrant and I had by passed Europe. I was told I was lying. Next, another memo saying that the Ambassador in New Delhi would revoke all future country clearances.

I resigned, lost my pension went to visit my mother who had cancer.

In her case, Italian spies in Rome made a case to CIA headquarters for the ‘rendition’ of Abu Omar with no solid evidence.

Abu Omar was later released from Italian prison for lack of prosecutable evidence. The current CIA Director, Gina Haspel, reportedly assisted headquarters in writing a memo justifying the rendition which was approved by CIA Director Tenet and ultimately Susan Rice.

Another example of CIA mismanagement was the weapons of mass destruction debacle involving Italianan and UK Intel in the early 2000’s. Americans were demanding justice after the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Centers. Then it was reported that Iraq was working on building weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s) and was buying uranium from Niger –

To justify the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, White House officials repeatedly used dubious intelligence to publicly make accusations that Iraq had a clandestine nuclear weapons program. The most compelling accusation was that Iraq secretly sought to purchase 500 tons of yellowcake uranium from Niger to refine and produce nuclear weapons. It was compelling because Iraq had only one plausible use for uranium – making nuclear weapons.

Eventually this was questioned and the dossier in place was covered up with help from the FBI Director at the time, Robert Mueller. This was another example of using foreign Intel in a US CIA operation.

This all leads us to today with the Russiagate sham and FISA abuse that took place during the Obama years.

AG Barr is absolutely right in getting to the bottom of the what happened related to these fraudulent scandals. Barr would like to investigate by interviewing the rank and file analyst and agent. The challenge for Barr is that we might never know what that earlier product looks like since Haspel directed the officers to “cooperate” but not divulge “sources and methods” and if one reads between the lines…she means CIA leadership.

Establishing a Taskforce inside the CIA to target Americans is serious and a fact that Obama’s CIA Director Brennan was well aware of.

This is why Brennan hand carried dcouments to the White House for periodic meetings. He knew that sending them electronically would leave a trail. He learned this from spying electronically on the Senate and getting caught. Because Brennan did not produce records related to Russiagate electronically Barr may never get his hands on those documents.

By Brennan setting up a task force, he provided added levels of secrecy and also a psychological means of putting fear in the heart of those being investigated while dissuading a proper defense. (General Flynn comes to mind.)

When AG Barr attempted to get to the bottom of Russiagate it became clear early on that Deep State actors in the DOJ, FBI, CIA and other agencies were not provided Barr’s team and specifically Durham in Connecticut, what was needed and requested.

Because of this President Trump had to provide Barr the ability to declassify any documents needed for the investigation, which he did. It was reported in May –

On Thursday night, President Trump announced he was declassifying millions of pages of documents related to the Russia-collusion spy operation, and it is now up to Attorney General William Barr to decide how much to make public.

Former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper are both outraged and blasted the President for this decision.

Brennan said he is concerned about too much information being exposed and tweeted a warning to DNI Dan Coats and CIA Director Gina Haspel that they must stand up to President Trump’s “unprecedented act.”

Clapper worried that Attorney General Barr would put people’s lives at risk by releasing information on sources and methods used by intelligence agencies.

Of course Brennan and Clapper were worried, now their Deep State friends could no longer claim documents were classified and redact items like former DAG Rosenstein did with Congress.

The President at this time also ordered all Intel agencies to work with Durham and Barr in the Russiagate investigation –

President Donald Trump has ordered all major US intelligence agencies to assist Attorney General William Barr in his review of surveillance issues surrounding Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, delegating significant authority to Barr to declassify sensitive intelligence materials as the attorney general sees fit.


Next, Trump took additional actions to foil the Brennan and Obama Deep State within the CIA.

The President issued a Memorandum on Providing an Order of Succession Within the Central Intelligence Agency in June. This eliminated the succession plan for the CIA put in place by Obama and Brennan and foiled their plot to continue to run the CIA after Obama’s term in office ended. No longer would Obama and Brennan cronies be in charge of the CIA.

In a last ditch effort to prevent President Trump from getting at the truth behind Russiagate, the CIA’s Haspel sent a bill to the radical left Democrat Congress that would allow the President to prosecute journalists for reporting on CIA crimes –

Why are some Democrats helping the CIA pass a radical secrecy law that could allow the Trump administration to prosecute journalists for reporting on lawbreaking? 

Why Are Democrats Helping Trump Crack Down on Press Freedom?

Democrats are helping the CIA expand secrecy laws — and potentially prosecute reporters


Targeted former CIA agent De Sousa says the following about Congressional actions in regards to the CIA’s request –

Congress will cave in because “the CIA can get you 6 ways to Sunday” Schumer!!

Let’s hope President Trump wins the war with the Deep State. The US and the world need fair and legal US Intel and justice systems. Obama’s Deep State must be eliminated